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Summer flavour trends

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Summer is a time where consumers desire healthy, refreshing and fun food and beverage options to enjoy with their friends and families. Here’s a perspective on satisfying summer flavour trends: Lemon and blueberries:  Many beverage companies are latching on to blueberries and lemon for the summer by creating alcoholic lemonade with gin in refreshing flavours, such as blueberry. The tart… Read more »


ISM 2018: Sweets and snacks trends

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Suppliers from all over the world are exhibiting at ISM, the world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks, again this year. Almost 1,660 exhibitors from 73 countries are bringing along numerous new products and ideas and they intend to impress the experts at ISM with them. As always, there will be delicious chocolate and beautiful filled chocolates at ISM…. Read more »


Five global packaging trends for 2018

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Packaging will play a pivotal role in reducing global food and product waste worldwide in 2018, new research suggests, as the throwaway culture of today will evolve. According to Mintel, packaged planet is among the major trends set to influence the global packaging industry over the company year. Consumers have long considered packaging as often unnecessary, and ultimately as just… Read more »


Dairy-free ice cream taps into ‘healthy’ treat trend

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Young people worldwide are developing a taste for dairy-free ice cream which they see as a “healthier” alternative, involving almonds and coconut. New launches of dairy-free varieties now make up 4% of all new ice cream launches, according to market research firm Mintel. And major brands, including Haagen Dazs and Ben and Jerry’s have launched dairy-free varieties. But they don’t… Read more »


Cargill report highlights latest trends in cocoa and chocolate

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Cargill’s cocoa and chocolate business has released its comprehensive report highlighting key trends in chocolate. Based on insight gained from interactions with customers across numerous application categories, and on information gathered from projects with customers through Cargill’s application centres, the report highlights trends across four key themes: indulgent; premium; healthy; and sustainable and clean. Cargill’s four trending areas Indulgent Today’s consumer is looking for… Read more »


European bread trends 2012

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Every day Europeans eat more than 80,000 tons of bread. But what do we know about consumers’ attitudes and buying habits when it comes to bread? New European survey provides interesting insights. For instance consumers show strong interest in wholegrain and nutritional quality.


Europain: about trends, innovations and solutions

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The bakery trade has been experiencing a genuine revolution in recent years. Bakers are no longer simply skilled artisans, they are now managers of modern businesses and are required to have a wide range of abilities. Europain 2012 , the international gathering of the entire bakery profession, will showcase the most innovative and appropriate solutions for 21st century bakers, be it in terms of services, trends, technical operations or information.