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Barry Callebaut introduces sensory language

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Unraveling the taste of chocolate Inspired by wine, coffee and craft beer categories, Barry Callebaut introduces a sensory language and tasting ritual for chocolate The chocolate sensory language is based on the new book ‘Hidden Persuaders in Cocoa and Chocolate’, written by scientists from Barry Callebaut and Givaudan, the leading global flavor house The chocolate sensory language and tasting ritual… Read more »


Influence of texture on the perception of saltiness in wheat bread

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As a basis for sodium reduction in bread, the influence of crumb texture on the intensity of saltiness and the release of sodium ions during chewing was investigated. A coarse-pored bread crumb was created by extending the proofing time (90/120 min vs 20/40 min as control), whereas the omission of proofing resulted in a fine-pored crumb (0/0 min). A significantly faster sodium release from the coarse-pored bread compared to the fine-pored bread (constant sample weight) was measured in-mouth and in a mastication simulator.


Obtaining accurate viscosity measurements

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In the food processing industry, manufacturers are looking for two things: taste and texture. Texture is the “feeling” in the mouth when the product is eaten



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These additives provide the specific density and texture in milkshakes, ice creams or sauces. Food coloring, preservatives or flavorings are some of the additives that are used more in nourishing industry in order to heighten particular qualities (color or flavor) or to prolong the life utility. But there is a seasoning more: stabilizers charged to give and to maintain one… Read more »