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Zero-calorie sweetener to launch in December

Amyris, Inc. will launch a sugarcane-derived, zero-calorie sweetener Dec. 3 at an invitation-only tasting event in New York. An independent panel has determined the sweetener is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). “We’re pleased to bring a product to market that lets people enjoy all the goodness of the sweet taste without the calories and without the bitter aftertaste we’ve all… Read more »


EverSweet™ Zero-calorie Sweetener

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The future is here and it’s sweeter than ever! Cargill’s EverSweet™ next-generation sweetener has great taste with up to 100% sugar replacement. It is made with the same sweetness that is found in the stevia leaf, to delight your taste buds with calorie-free joy. Our secret? The age-old technique of fermentation – with a modern twist. Using a specially crafted… Read more »


Removing added sugars in sweet baked foods

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Food manufacturers will have more reason to reduce added sugars in their products once the new Nutrition Facts Label becomes mandatory, and that’s especially true for makers of sweet baked foods. The Food and Drug Administration has mandated that a new Nutrition Facts Label include a line for added sugars, which is not on the current panel. Stevia and other… Read more »


Sugar reduction tops reformulation agenda as UK sugar tax beckons

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In recent years, a trend for healthier lifestyles has emerged and consumers have become increasingly aware of the ingredients in their food and drinks. As EU sugar consumption figures reach nearly 32kg per person per year, sugar reduction has become the health trend under the spotlight. In fact, one month from today (April 6, 2018), the much-debated sugar tax will… Read more »