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How sourdough starters and freshly milled flour are transforming the simple loaf

Not so long ago, things weren’t looking so good for bread. It was all no-carb this and gluten-free that. Bread baskets disappeared from restaurants. Lettuce leaves replaced hamburger buns. Suddenly, a beloved staple of the human diet was no longer welcome at the dinner table. But now bread is back. Not just any bread, though. Not the white, spongy, pre-sliced… Read more »


International sourdough library keeps cultures alive

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The Puratos sourdough library specializes in strains of naturally fermented yeast cultures from around the world. This unique library houses samples of flour, water and starter from various countries, in an attempt to research the global biodiversity of sourdough bread. The wood-panelled library features a forest canopy on its ceiling, emphasizing its natural interest in organic matter. It stores over… Read more »


Research: Baking with Sourdough

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Sourdough and sour cultures have been used as part of food manufacturing since Ancient Egyptian times. Sourdough was used to give bread flavor and add volume to the loaves being baked. Modern research also suggests that sourdough could also remove mycotoxins from affected wheat. By Nathan Giles, Senior Bakery Technologist, Campden BRI Modern day fermentation for bread is achieved by… Read more »


Puratos Acquires Italian Natural Yeast Food Specialist, Bakery Future Lines

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Puratos, leading innovator in the bakery, patisserie, and chocolate industry, has recently acquired BFL (Bakery Future Lines), an Italian family-owned company based in La Spezia (Liguria), active in B2B production of ingredients for bakers and specialized in innovating natural yeast and sourdough products.


Sourdough library launched

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Puratos has opened a Sourdough Library with a unique collection of traditional sourdoughs. The inauguration of the Sourdough Library took place at the Puratos Center for Bread Flavour in Saint-Vith, Belgium. The library aims to preserve sourdough biodiversity and sourdough baking knowledge. It is home to a unique collection of sourdoughs from bakers across the globe. Eric Kayser, master artisan… Read more »


The art of sourdough

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History and secrecy surround many of the “mother” doughs used by bakeries to create one of the world’s most ancient breads: sourdough.