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Researchers analyzed the salt in 2,000 types of bread in 32 countries

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What do you think has more salt: a slice of bread or a pack of potato chips? It depends, but in some cases, the answer may surprise you. Bread, it turns out, is the top contributor of dietary sodium in the US and many other countries around the world. And a big new analysis from the World Action on Salt… Read more »


Restaurants Lose the “Salt Battle”

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Restaurants in New York met a heavy defeat when a judge decided in favor of the City Department of health that mandates chains to inform clients about the foods containing high levels of sodium. The decision made by the State Supreme Court judge in Manhattan, Eileen Rakower, dismissed an order from the National Restaurant Association presented once the standard began… Read more »


Food manufacturers ‘quietly reduce salt levels’

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Food manufacturers are taking a different approach to making their products healthier and marketing them to consumers, reports the Wall Street Journal. Rather than producing specialist products which are advertised as having low sodium content, companies are quietly reducing the levels of salt in their flagship brands. Health organisations in the US and Europe want to reduce people salt intake… Read more »