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Inside Pan Pepin’s master plan for expansion

Looking out the window on final descent toward San Juan, Puerto Rico, a few blue tarps are the last visual reminders of the devastation left from Hurricanes Irma and Maria that rocked the island in 2017. Driving through the streets reveals a city in full swing with restaurants serving up local cuisine and rooftop bartenders crafting mojitos over a breathtaking… Read more »


Water – As a Food Processing Ingredient

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Food and food processing industry is a growing market in agrarian economies across the globe. Water is an important component of the food processing industry as it is not only present in all foods; it is also extensively used in most food plants as a processing aid as well as an agent for cleaning operations. Water is used in rinsing,… Read more »


A Guide to Automated Croissant Lines

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The popular breakfast pastry is unique in its light flaky texture and buttery flavor. How are croissants obtained? Their production requires mixing, kneading, laminating, cutting, forming, proofing, baking, cooling, and packaging; for consistent, automated manufacturing, this means dedicated croissant lines. Technology solution experts from Rademaker, RONDO and Fritsch have shared with European Baker & Biscuit a guide through each module,… Read more »