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Mettler-Toledo Ensures Up to 95% Less False Rejects

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Mettler-Toledo’s Profile Advantage metal detector all but removes the ‘product effect’ phenomenon from the process, resulting in up to 50% improvements in detection sensitivity levels irrespective of packaging material.


Better detection capabilities

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Global food packaging and processing solutions specialist, tna, has introduced the new tna hyper-detect 5 metal detector. The patented design of the new system improves metal detection capabilities while eliminating degradation in product transfer to ultimately deliver safe product throughput and minimise rejects.


Special metal-detectable plastic tools for food processors

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Over the course of more than three decades, Remco has experimented with various resins and additives to make its core product line stronger, easier to handle and better suited for rigorous FDA compliance measures. A few years ago, Remco took another step to serve its food processing customers by working with its molder, Metro Plastics, to incorporate metal-detectable materials into its line of plastic food processing tools.


Less time and more space

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Mettler-Toledo Garvens has launched the new XC CC CombiChecker, a checkweighing and metal detection combination system for food and beverage manufacturers to speed throughput and reduce footprint on the production line while ensuring high accuracy. Additional benefits of combining the functionalities of checkweighing and metal detection in one space-saving unit include reduced operation time, fewer operating errors and overall line productivity enhancement.