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French Pâtissier Launches Gluten-free Pop Macarons

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French pâtissier Tipiak has unveiled a new selection of pop macarons for the UK foodservice sector. Featuring stunning fruit flavors, the Pop Macarons Fruits are gluten-free – currently the only gluten-free authentic French macarons available widescale to the UK hospitality sector. “The main challenges in producing gluten-free macarons are ensuring that all the ingredients are gluten-free when they arrive at… Read more »


The Magic of Macarons

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From Paris to New York to Seattle, the French macaron continues to make its way into the hearts and minds of American consumers. This trend shows no sign of slowing down. FP Patisserie, for example, is the luxury high-end brand from acclaimed pastry chef François Payard, featuring cakes, pastries, tarts, chocolates and confections made from only the finest ingredients. The… Read more »


Belgian food company launches curry-flavoured macarons

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Pastry specialist Pidy has launched a new series of spicy and curry-flavoured macarons. Both the new varieties of macaron are 3.5cm in size and delivered in 96 portions to a case. The spicy and curry-flavoured delicacies have a distinctive appearance and are light, moist and crumbly in texture, Pidy said. They have a mild flavour with a very subtle spicy… Read more »


How to Make Pierre Hermé’s Chocolate Macarons

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When the macaron craze hit a few years back it was legendary French pastry chef Pierre Hermé who led the pack with seasonal collections of colorful, chewy almond cookies filled and decorated in colors of the rainbow. Earlier this year, Hermé published a new cookbook, Pierre Hermé Macarons: The Ultimate Recipes from the Master Pâtissier, filled with fun photographs and detailed instructions on… Read more »


Macarons: A Piece of Paris

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If you love pastries and colorful confections, you have probably heard of Ladurée—a famous Parisian macaron house. Here is Darcy Miller joined by Elisabeth Holder, the co-president of Ladurée USA and member of the Ladurée proprietary family, and Jimmy LeClerc, Ladurée’s pastry chef. The History “Ladurée is a 150 years-old brand. It was the first hero in Paris,” says Elizabeth. “It was the… Read more »


Macaron or Macaroon

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American macaroons are chewy and dense. Their French macaron counterparts, on the other hand, are fluffy and as light as air.