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ISM 2018: Sweets and snacks trends

February 3rd, 2018
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Suppliers from all over the world are exhibiting at ISM, the world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks, again this year. Almost 1,660 exhibitors from 73 countries are bringing along numerous new products and ideas and they intend to impress the experts at ISM with them.

As always, there will be delicious chocolate and beautiful filled chocolates at ISM. For example a Spanish company has created semi-spheres made of chocolate, the surface of which break open to reveal small sweets in the shape of shattered Mediterranean tiles. Chocolate containing algae is a further novelty. Another manufacturer uses rice milk for its bars of chocolate and chocolate sticks. Deep red and yellow shades are created by adding raspberries or mangos to bars of chocolate which also taste fruity.

The trade visitors can also try out “making jelly babies themselves” or a “crafting set” for the cookie/marshmallow/chocolate sandwich at the trade fair. Baking mixtures with all the trappings provide tins, fondant and the decorations in one. Because the “do-it-yourself” trend has long since taken the baking world by storm. This is why the selection of decorations made from fondant, marzipan and sugar products is large, colourful and diversified. These are also available in vegetarian versions. Those who enjoy mixing and building can form a sugar mixture into small towers and castles. Of course, the building can be eaten afterward, because then it turns into chewing-gum.

The next Halloween season is round the corner when it will be time for a skull filled with sweets. Or liquorice in the shape of Dracula grimaces, optionally sweet or sour.

One can eat money when it is made out of edible paper. And there are also fruit gum bottles of Cola without sugar.

Sugar-reduced is an important keyword in the world of sweets and snacks. For example, alongside different sugar-reduced chocolate, bakery, sweet and chewing-gum products there are also roasted almonds without sugar that are sweetened with a sugar substitute instead.

Protein – a general trend in the food industry – is frequently found in biscuits, chocolate or snack products. In this way, bars are often made out of ingredients with a high protein content, frequently combined with fruit or vegetables. Here chickpeas are also implemented as a savoury snack and freeze-dried fruits are also offered for snacking together with again and again nuts and seeds.

There are versions for all consumer wishes and needs: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, fat-free.

Exotic spices and ingredients are often used. For example in a sandwich spread with Matcha tea. Coconut is a frequently used taste enhancer, i.e. in small cakes, delicious “cherry pie”-flavoured biscuits refined with coconut, in popcorn, chocolate and filled chocolate creations and in a coconut dip for wheat or rice waffles.

Combinations like pineapple and curry (in crisps), vinegar and carrot (also in crisps), lemon and chilli (tomato crisps), crisps that taste like fried eggs or raspberry with pepper are further highlights. Especially long Masala-flavoured crisps (22cm) remind one of Indian spices. The bread crisps with a taste of mild curry also join the ranks here. People, who like cheese, can look forward to biscuits containing Gouda and cumin. In organic quality incidentally.

The visitor will frequently come across the theme organic at ISM, not only among the ingredients, but also in terms of the packing. One manufacturer of crisps has had an organic bag made for its products and is presenting it at the fair.

Sustainability is an ongoing trend for cocoa, but also for other ingredients.

ISM is exclusively open to trade visitors.

Parallel to ISM: ProSweets Cologne – the international supplier fair for the sweets and snacks industry. Over 300 companies from the sections manufacturing, packing and ingredients are once again expected in Cologne from 28 to 31 January 2018.

Source: ISM


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ISM 2018: Dylan Lauren presented with the ISM Award 2018

February 3rd, 2018
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“I have loved candy since I was a kid”: Dylan Lauren, the founder and owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar, discovered her passion for sweets at a young age. “She always had sweets in all of her pockets as a kid,” reported Richard Ross, President of Galerie Candy. As her long-standing companion and business partner, Ross held the laudation for the award winner, Dylan Lauren, who was presented with the ISM Award 2018 on Sunday evening in the scope of an exclusive dinner. The prize has been presented by ISM, the world’s largest and most important trade fair for sweets and snacks for exceptional services to the sweets and snacks industry since 2014.

Dylan Lauren paved the way for one of the largest sweet and lifestyle brands worldwide with the shop and sales concept she introduced in 2001: Dylan’s Candy Bar. In the meantime the company has 26 subsidiaries among others in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. “The stores are full of life and a wonderful experience,” commented Ross. In addition to 7,000 different types of sweets, Dylan Lauren, who brings together candy, fashion and art, also sells accessories, clothes and jewellery. He added, “The Queen of Candy is a successful entrepreneur, a real leader and true inspiration for the whole candy business.”

In her address, Dylan Lauren not only thanked everyone for the award that she said she was delighted to win, but also her colleagues and employees for their commitment. She also paid tribute to the contribution of her business partners in the success of her company. „You make my job easy“. In the 16th year after founding her company – “sweet sixteen” as Lauren put it – she still radiates enthusiasm and joy. „Candy is a magic dream and pure imagination“. She went on to say that the ISM Award is a gold medal in the sweets business and she is pleased to belong to the illustrious circle of winners.

The ISM Award was handed over by Bastian Fassin, Chairman of the International Sweets and Biscuits Fair Task Force (AISM) and Gerald Böse, President and Chief Executive Officer of Koelnmesse GmbH. The jury of the ISM Award comprises of international representatives from the industry, trade and field of science. ISM organisers are Koelnmesse and its industry sponsor, the International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (AISM) Task Force.

Prize winners to-date:

2014 Herman Goelitz Rowland Sr., Chairman of the Board, Jelly Belly Candy Company, USA

2015 Felix Richterich, proprietor and CEO of Ricola AG, Switzerland

2016 James N. Walker, Walkers Shortbread, England

2017 Gota Morinaga, Representative Director, Representative Chairman,
Morinaga Co. Ltd., Japan,

ISM, the world’s largest and most important trade fair for sweets and snacks, will be presenting around 1,660 exhibitors from 73 countries this year. The trade fair is exclusively open to trade visitors.

Parallel to ISM: ProSweets Cologne – the international supplier fair for the sweets and snacks industry. Over 300 companies from the sections manufacturing, packing and ingredients are once again expected in Cologne from 28 to 31 January 2018.

Source: ISM


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ISM in Cologne confirms its exceptional international position

February 11th, 2017
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  • Sweets and snacks in high demand by the trade ISM in Cologne well attended again: Almost 38,000 trade visitors from over 140 countries
  • Top buyers from Germany and abroad in Cologne, the specialised trade was also well represented
  • Something for all tastes: Innovations and traditions are both equally important in the sweets and snacks sector

After four exhibition days, the 47th ISM in Cologne closed on a very good result. Once again almost 38,000 trade buyers from over 140 countries were registered.

The exhibitors were thoroughly convinced by the excellent quality of the visitors. Once again this year, decision makers from all trade channels made use of the world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks to go about their comprehensive business activities. 1,649 exhibitors from 68 countries exhibited at ISM 2017. “ISM once again confirmed its international position as a global platform for the sweets trade. Furthermore, we were able to further reinforce our position with a slight growth in the number of exhibitors,” commented Katharina C. Hamma, Chief Operating Officer, Koelnmesse GmbH. “ISM is the central hub for the national and international business,” confirmed Bastian Fassin, Chairman of the International Sweets and Biscuits Fair Task Force (ASIM).”The exports are not only of great significance for the German industry. The entire sweets and snacks business has an international alignment.” Hence, the consequences of the Brexit and possible trade restrictions by the USA were a major topic of conversation at the trade fair.

The exhibitors of the 47th ISM also placed their bets on new products and marketing ideas this year. Instead of one overriding trend, many individual tendencies that were aimed at different target groups were recognisable. “Something for all tastes” is the motto of the flexible and innovative industry that relies above all on one aspect: Enjoy ment and taste. This is why sugar reduced, vegan or vegetarian sweets, bakery products and snacks primarily have to also please the taste buds of the consumers, as various surveys underlined.

As always, the buyers proved to be very open to new approaches. Since a large majority of the trade visitors are decision makers within the companies, numerous negotiations were successfully transacted on site, a good follow up business is also expected in many cases. Large trading companies from Germany and other European countries were represented as well as buyers from North America, the Near East and South America. A high number of visitors from the specialised trade, which is
important for many suppliers of specialities, were also welcomed in Cologne.

Fundamentally, the share of foreign visitors remained constant at around 67 percent. ISM registered significant growth in the number of visitors from Japan, India, Pakistan and the Baltic region. Due to the Chinese New Year celebrations, ISM recorded a decline in the number of visitors from China. Less visitors were also registered from Great Britain and Turkey.

The ISM Award was conferred for the fourth time. The award winner is Gota Morinaga, Representative Director, Representative Chairman, Morinaga Co. Ltd., Japan. The international prize of the world’s largest and most important trade fair for sweets and snacks pays tribute to exceptional services to the sweets and snacks industry. The award winners of the past years were Herman Goelitz Rowland Sr. (Jelly Belly Candy Company, USA), Felix Richterich (Ricola AG, Switzerland) and James N. Walker, (Walkers Shortbread, Great Britain).

At its new location in Hall 2.2, the “New Product Showcase”, which has established itself at ISM since 2010, was once again strongly frequented. The following three products were voted the top three innovations of this year’s ISM by the visitors:
1. Bad Luck Cookies by Pechkeks GmbH,

2. Organic Veggie Box by my ChipsBox GmbH and
3. Pralibel Dômes by Pralibel NV.Furthermore, the ISM Packaging Award powered by ProSweets Cologne was also conferred for the first time. The prize winner is the Barbecue Marshmallow Grill Bag by tri d’Aix GmbH.With an attendance of 17,000 trade visitors from over 100 countries, ProSweets Cologne the international supplier fair for the sweets and snacks industry which is held parallel to ISM, also confirmed its significance as an important information, order and networking platform for the entire industry.Together with ProSweets Cologne, ISM covers the entire value chain of sweets production and sales at the same time and place – a worldwide unique constellation.

ISM organisers are Koelnmesse and its industry sponsor, the International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (AISM) task force.

The ISM 2017 in figures:
1,647 suppliers from 68 countries, 86 percent of whom came from abroad, exhibited at ISM 2017 on exhibition space covering 110,000 m². These included 226 exhibitors and 10 additionally represented companies from Germany as well as 1,400 exhibitors and 11 additionally represented companies from abroad. Almost 38,000 trade visitors from over 140 countries attended ISM 2017, the foreign share was 67 percent.

The 48th ISM is scheduled to take place from 28 to 31 January 2018.


ISM Cologne: Snack Trends, from New Ingredients to New Sale Channels

January 14th, 2017
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The ISM Cologne exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity to understand the current ingredient, product and consumer trends as well as new marketing platforms over the course of the four exhibition days, January 29 – February 1.

The first day of the fair starts with the “Forum of Sustainable Cocoa” event, where international experts will discuss the theme “Cocoa Cultivation and Forest Conservation in West Africa – ways to reach a solution”.

Innova Market Insights will present the Sweets Trends special event. New product trends and the latest developments in the sweets and snacks sectors are under focus.

Twelve industry newcomers from seven countries will be presenting themselves under a joint roof in Hall 11.1, D 31/E 38. The product palette ranges from classic to innovative and trendy, the organizer anticipates.

New Product Showcase

The New Product Showcase is relocating: starting this year, it will be presented in Hall 2.2. Around 130 suppliers are presenting new products on a larger area. All ISM visitors will once again have the opportunity to take part in electing the top three innovations. In addition, the ISM Packaging Award powered by ProSweets Cologne will be conferred for the first time. The show will also host a glance beyond the borders of ISM: the top four innovations of the yummex Middle East will be exhibited on the Central Boulevard.

Sales channels of the future – sweets and eCommerce
The online retail trade is expected to boom in the digital age – with platforms such as Amazon, supermarket web portals and the own websites of the manufacturing companies.

ISM Expert Stage

The “ISM Expert Stage” in the Passage between Halls 4 and 5 is an important information hotspot, hosting a focus on the specialized retail trade again, with seminars and discussion rounds on the theme “digitalization” this year. Innova Market Insights will also hold daily lectures on the ISM Expert Stage, from Sunday to Tuesday:

Top 10 Trends 2017 and their significance for sweets and snacks

The “clean and clear” label is the new valid worldwide standard. The “Clean Supreme” trend heads Innova Market Insights’ Top Ten Trends list for 2017, together with other key trends like “Disruptive Green” and “Sweeter Balance.” This presentation will introduce the Top Ten Trends for 2017 and their effects on sweets and snacks.

From a snack to snacking: special moments of enjoyment
Breakfast biscuits during the morning rush, on-the-go meat snacks in the car, a bag of sweets to share with friends or your all-time favorite treat just for yourself. Different moments require different snacks, which continue to drive further innovation into the snacking arena. This presentation will discuss the latest trends and innovations in snacks and beyond, as the “snackification” trend diversifies even further.

Sweet flavor trends: inspiration for sweets The confectionery category has never seen more variety in flavors. Yet, novel flavors are expected to shake-up this market in the coming years. Yuzu, goat cheese, tea and champagne are just some of the latest examples, Innova Market Insights will show.

Cologne Coffee Forum

The “Cologne Coffee Forum” offers buyers inspiration and networking around coffee. Suppliers of Italian espresso, specialty coffee roasters, suppliers of instant coffee, coffee capsules as well as tea and cocoa specialties are represented here.

On Tuesday, in collaboration with Gruppo Cimbali and Koelnmesse, the Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano will be organizing the international Espresso Italiano Champion barista competition. This competition, the only one that is exclusively dedicated to Italian espresso and cappuccino, is being staged for the first time in Germany. The winners will take part in the international semi-finals in Milan in October 2017.

One ticket – two fairs

ISM is in conjunction with ProSweets Cologne and this year, for the first time the tickets are available for both events.



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Barry Callebaut “crafted and co-created” the chocolate dreams of tomorrow at ISM 2016

February 6th, 2016
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“Global Chocolatier” Barry Callebaut participated at ISM 2016 in Cologne from January 31 until February 3, 2016 (Hall 10.2, Booth C010 – D019). 5 craftsmen/women brought the chocolate of tomorrow alive in the Barry Callebaut Studio. With sustainable cocoa and chocolate at the very heart of our business, Barry Callebaut, presented delicious, eyes teasing chocolate experiences – and three new product novelties: Caramel Doré, Choc37.9 and Happy Chocolate.

Step into our Barry Callebaut Studio, where six passionate and skillful craftsmen and woman will create fascinating chocolate experiences live on stage! Experiences redefining the confectionery, ice cream, bakery, pastry, biscuits, desserts or drinks markets. Chocolate experiences suiting tomorrow’s consumer needs!

Throughout the four days of the fair we invite you to discover what consumers are looking for. What satisfies them and adds value to them. How their changing lives drive their changing chocolate preferences. Either be it chocolate experiences expressing their personality, be more wholesome, more premium or what they have defined to be the ‘new green’!

Curious to learn what a ‘Symphony of Caramel’ and ‘Mademoiselles’ are about and how it will unlock the confectionery and biscuit categories? Join us and experience our Barry Callebaut Studio where a passionate team will share all inside-outs!

Read and follow also the latest news we present at  ISM on!


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Beneo showcases toothfriendly confectionery at ISM 2015

February 6th, 2015
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beneoBENEO is showcasing bubble gum and chocolate lentil concepts that have successfully undergone scientific testing with plaque pH telemetry at ISM 2015.

BENEO is exhibiting its range of toothfriendly confectionery product concepts for children at ISM 2015. At the show, BENEO is showcasing bubble gum and chocolate lentil concepts that have successfully undergone scientific testing with plaque pH telemetry. Both products are toothfriendly and fully digestible due to the inclusion of BENEO’s carbohydrate, Palatinose, which completely replaces sucrose in the formulation.

With 83% of consumers globally paying high attention to oral health, products made with the toothfriendly carbohydrate Palatinose are set to become increasingly popular. The non-cariogenic benefits of Palatinose have received EFSA 13.1 and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) health claim approvals.

Being the only toothfriendly, low glycaemic and fully digestible carbohydrate, Palatinose is ideal for food producers looking to explore new avenues in children’s confectionery. This is an area where standard sugar-free formulations are less desired, because children are particularly in need of balanced carbohydrate energy.  The concepts at ISM 2015 have been clinically tested using plaque pH-telemetry, which is the worldwide established method of testing toothfriendliness.

The bubble gum concept at ISM 2015 has a pleasant banana flavour and can be produced using existing bubble gum technology. Its reduced stickiness facilitates processing and cleaning and offers high form stability to manufacturers. The added benefits of incorporating Palatinose in BENEO’s chocolate lentil concepts are a smooth coating and a pleasant crunch, while the core provides a similar mouthfeel and taste to conventional chocolate.

All of this, combined with the low glycaemic properties and sugar-like sweet taste of Palatinose enriched products, delivers the potential to innovate for confectionery manufacturers looking for nutritional and technical benefits, without sacrificing taste.

Katja Reichenbach, Product Manager Palatinose, BENEO commented: “According to the World Health Organisation, more than 60 percent of school children worldwide suffer from dental cavities. This figure shows the urgent need for confectioners to offer innovative solutions for sweet-toothed youngsters. We are pleased to present our toothfriendly tested bubble gums and chocolate lentils with Palatinose.  The positive results of the pH-telemetry show once again that Palatinose is the ingredient of choice when it comes to toothfriendly confectionery – especially for children.”

Source: Asia Food Journal



Barry Callebaut presents its FullFill Factory concept at ISM 2015 for more personalization

January 31st, 2015
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Barry_Callebaut-logoBarry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality chocolate and cocoa products, presents its latest service offering at the ISM 2015 in Cologne: the Barry Callebaut FullFill Factory. Designed to answer the increasing need of personalization and flexibility for both small and large food manufacturers alike, the FullFill Factory creates added value through a broad array of personalization options with base products as well as added colors, flavors, and texture.

“The FullFill Factory caters to the demand for personalized concepts present in all market segments, being mainly confectionery, bakery and ice cream. With the FullFill Factory our customers can easily and promptly adapt to the constantly changing consumer environment and market trends. Our solution provides all the means necessary to reach that goal,” says Sofie De Lathouwer, Marketing Director FM Western Europe at Barry Callebaut.

A 4-step solution 

The personalization process is made up of 4 possible steps: the customer chooses the desired base product (being chocolate, compound or a filling) and has the possibility to add color(s), flavor(s) and/or texture. The FullFill Factory provides great flexibility in its color and flavor offerings for all food manufactures thanks to the convenient 1 kg format of cocoa butter based flavor and color components, called FullFlavors and FullColors respectively. The Color Master ensures convenient use and guarantees consistent results, time after time. A comprehensive variation of these components and the ease in which they can be mixed, melted and dosed, ensures the FullFill Factory concept offers the most convenient and personalized creativity solution.

Components can be blended with the customer’s own equipment or with the Barry Callebaut FlexMelter. This is the world’s first flexible melting and blending container for solid and liquid chocolate, compounds and fillings. The FlexMelter™ is created to support the process of blending in smaller batches or quantities, while avoiding contamination issues with normal production lines. Besides, Barry Callebaut can also produce the complete product in-house and deliver the finished product to its customers.

Barry Callebauts expertise supports customers creativity

“We wanted to add a new service supporting the talent and ideas of all food manufacturers: creativity should not be limited by a company’s size. More than a practical tool, the FullFill Factory is a service to enable our customers to offer their desired product to the marketplace,” says Sofie De Lathouwer. “Not only do we provide our customers with concrete means and components to experiment and realize their favorite recipe, we also share our savoir-faire to make sure their creation is feasible, top-quality, and legally compliant.”

There are certain legal regulations for the use of colors and some flavors in manifold applications. The Barry Callebaut’s FullFill Factory™ concept offers a unique selling proposition to its customers by adding the support that calculates the legally allowed doses to comply with EU legislation; customers no longer have to worry if their products are compliant with the latest regulations.


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Jelly Belly interview at iSM 2014

March 8th, 2014
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jelly-bellyAngus Kennedy: A lovely and very lively stand again Sharon, as usual a hype of activity. This place is buzzing there are people everywhere! Something’s cooking here, I can tell. So Sharon excuse the pun but spill the beans! Could you tell me a bit more about the new developments at Jelly Belly?

Sharon Duncan:  Thank you Angus, it’s been like this every day, we are really busy and really happy with how it’s all going. Yes you are right we have been working extremely hard over the last 12 months and we have a lot of innovations for this year. This is probably the biggest year that we’ve ever had in terms of new introductions for the international market. We’ve got new products, new flavours, new packaging, new inbound licenses, and new outbound licenses. We’ve introduced at this show, over 50 new SKUs (stock keeping unit) so there are different items that the distributors from around the world can use.
AK: Does that mean that the products that you’ve got in the US are available now on the international market?

SD: Yes it does. So as you may know Jelly Belly was actually founded by the Goelitz family back in 1869 and in 1898 the second generation of the Goelitz family started Candy Corn. We’ve not been able to sell that product internationally because of compliancy issues so we’ve actually taken our entire domestic line of confections and reformulated them so that they are now globally compliant. There are a lot of people at this show who are happy with that.

We have introduced those flavours in bulk, into our Grab & Go bags, which are re-sealable pouch bags. They are our no. 1 selling item worldwide, so we’ve been able to get the confections into that line. We also have a brand new line of beautiful gift bags that offer kaleidoscope colour on our stand for display and so all of the confections will be available in that gift bag.

AK: So why is Grab & Go so popular?

SD: I think because it’s for sharing and it’s something you can grab quickly in the store. Also because it’s in a re-sealable pouch you don’t have to eat all of it in one sitting. It’s a nice item at a good retail price point.

AK: Is that a big thing, the re-sealable bag?

SD: Well interestingly our Grab & Go bags in the US are not re-sealable! Only in the international market. International customers consume less than Americans do and then also because of the global weather issues that you have in terms of heat and humidity, the re-sealable pouch is much better for these situations.

AK: I understand on the iSM grapevine that there is a new beer bean. Can you tell me about the Beer Jelly Belly?

SD: Yes you are right Angus. That is the very first beer-flavoured jellybean in the world. It took us three years to develop that bean, it was very difficult to get the flavour in and we’re very happy with it. It’s a beautiful gold colour that’s been enabled because of our finishing that we’re starting to put on some of our beans to make them glisten. And it actually is inspired by German draft beer. And with draft beers, they are very popular in the world, a lot of micro-breweries are making their own beers and so moving into the gourmet food area in the world wide trend and that’s kind of what we do, we make gourmet jelly beans.

AK: Do you think this is opening up a new trend, Champagne jellybeans and chardonnay, now this is getting interesting. Though give me the real Champagne any time Sharon!
(both laughing)

SD: Absolutely yes! We do over 130 flavours and we have offerings for all different age groups. We have our cocktail classics: our Margaritas and Pina Coladas. The Beer Jelly Belly obviously falls right into that category and certainly Champagne and chardonnay can’t be far behind.

AK: Does the beer flavour open up new retail opportunities for you, I can see them in pubs and clubs and getting quite popular?

SD: Actually it really does because now you can go into the pubs; you can go into the bars and some of the fine restaurants. Every market in the world has been talking to our distributors at the show, it opens a whole new retail channel for them. And it opens up a pile of promotional opportunities.

AK: There is always so much going on at this stand. Is there any limit to your expansion, where do you get your ideas?

SD: They come from all over the world. Herman Goelitz Rowland, who got the lifetime achievement award last night at the iSM, he is kind of a visionary. But we get ideas from our consumers, we have a hotline that they can call and we get probably 50 flavours a month from our consumer’s ideas.

AK: You’re quite strong with your Internet marketing. How does that work, for example with the Beer Jelly Belly, did that get research online?

SD: In the first three days we had over 20 million people leaving impressions that they had picked up on the beer. It was amazing and it was actually our first global launch. Normally we introduce them in the US and then a year later we bring it into the international market but with our draft beer we launched last Saturday in the US with our press releases and our websites, our tweets and our Facebook pages and we followed it up four days later here at iSM and launched it as well. And we have over 20 Facebook pages around the world so each one of those also markets the flavour.

AK: Could we discuss the other new products that are available?

SD: We have Chocolate Dutch Mints. They are little peppermints, chocolate and then a candy shell. There are the Raspberries and Blackberries, which we talked about and the Candy Corn. We have our Liquorice Bridge Mix and we have our Gummy Bear selection as well and so actually in that whole gift bag line we’ve released 12 new units. The confections, we have our Chocolate Dips in orange flavour, we have our Sunkist Fruit Gems, which are all natural. And then we have five new Jelly Belly products, including our 20 Flavour Mix, Sours, Tropical Mix and Fruit Bowl Mix plus our Jewel Collection (shimmering). So that’s also available.

AK: Is there anything else you would like to talk about?

SD: Always! The other thing I wanted to talk about was our continued expansion. We are in 80 countries now. We just opened Jelly Belly Canada this year. We’re doing our own sales and marketing directly into Canada, we operate one in Vancouver, one in Toronto. We started the operation in April 2013. Jelly Belly is very global, we have Jelly Belly operations in Shanghai and Thailand, we have European based operations in Hamburg and our corporate office in California and another office in Chicago.

AK: Why do you think Jelly Belly is so successful?

SD: Jelly Belly is fascinating because I do a lot of travelling and no matter where I go in the world, if I say Jelly Belly it elicits a smile from the person I’m talking to. They will tell me their favourite flavour, they will tell me how five years ago they took the factory tour in California and it was one of the best things they did. They just know us and I think we’re a very lifestyle type brand that people are very loyal to. We’re a high quality candy, they know they can count on us to be the best, and they know they can count on us for true-to-life flavours. So I think all of that together makes us strong as a brand.  

AK: A lot of it kicked off with Ronald Reagan, how was that a big moment for you?

SD: Well it was really interesting because we were making mini jellybeans long before Jelly Belly was born and in 1976 we started the Jelly Belly line of jellybeans. And we used true-to-life flavours and natural ingredients, flavour on the centre and the outside, which was very unusual for the time. Mr Reagan had been using our mini jellybeans and as soon as Jelly Bellies came out he started using those. He was using them to quit his pipe smoking when he was governor of California. Then when he moved into the White House he continued to use our product and it became very famous after that point. But the interesting thing is, prior to that, Jelly Belly has been around since 1869 and all of our confections are what the company was known for at the time, so Jelly Belly was the thing that exploded.

AK: Excellent, well thank you Sharon, it has been a real pleasure catching up with your future plans. I expect 2014 will be just as successful as your previous years.

SD: Thank you Angus, it’s always great to have you here.

Source: Kennedy’s Confection

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Barry Callebaut presents its new chocolate and cocoa innovations at ISM 2014

January 3rd, 2014
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Cocoa Powders

Cocoa Powders

Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, will be present at the upcoming ISM trade exhibition in Cologne, Germany from January 26 to January 29, 2014 (Hall 10.2 – Booth C010-D019).

Barry Callebaut will present its extended range of compound coatings and diversely flavored fillings. These specialty offerings are customized solutions for the dairy, confectionery, bakery products as well as ice cream segment.

Another technology breakthrough Barry Callebaut will be presenting at the ISM fair in Cologne is its Cocoart™ Collection. The red and purple cocoa powders used as colorings have been obtained by patented cocoa processing (Patent Number WO 2010/093030). This innovation answers to the growing demand for clean labels and is, above all, the opening chapter of a whole new storybook: 100 % E-number free colored designs.

Cocoart Collection

Cocoart Collection

“Barry Callebaut is the only player in the market able to produce and offer E-number free designs based on cocoa, printed on transfer sheets or rolls for food applications. Revolutionary element in the collection is the world’s first all-natural, e-number free red color. Therefore the Cocoart Collection™ holds a unique position on the market”, Sofie De Lathouwer, Marketing Director FM Western Europe, explains.

Another showstopper at the ISM fair will be the extended range of decorations. Discover the brand new Shiny Nibs™ in Barry Callebaut’s comprehensive range of cocoa nibs and learn all about the Crispy Mignature™ inclusions meant for one-shot applications.

Origin chocolates are made with cocoa beans harvested in one specific country or growing area within one country. The uniqueness of the soil, the climate and the habitat leave their distinctive fingerprint on the cocoa beans. Barry Callebaut will take the trend of single origin chocolate to the next level. Come and visit us to discover how!


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Barry Callebaut’s top six chocolate trends list

February 8th, 2013
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Barry-Callebaut-Sweet-by-fruit-Visual-ProductsWhile consumers always expected a personal experience, they are also interested in convenience and authenticity, at least according to Barry Callebat’s predictions for the chocolate market of 2014.

The sector is constantly changing, and with it, so is consumer demand. In an effort to shed light on the evolving trends already taking root, Barry Callebaut presented its insights at this year’s International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (ISM) in Cologne, Germany.

1. Daily Luxuries
Chocolates are a daily luxury for consumers, and they want companies to make it worth their wild. Premium brands has been challenged to create products that offer new, unique flavor profiles but also take their services to the next level.

2. Smart & Convenient
The current economic climate has increased demand for affordable indulgences with a focus on value. In order to maximize their limited time and budget financial resources, consumers are comparing prices, shopping online and buying in bulk. They are even switching brands based on the perception of value. Companies need to be able to meet these expectations and develop smart solutions offering affordable, yet convenient luxuries to their markets.

3. Simplicity
Consumers are faced with an overabundance of choices and information; it is the company’s job to provide services and products that make those decisions easier to make. Additionally, it is important to reassure customers by offering them both flexible and “quality of life” products.

4. My Food
Consumers want to treated as individuals, and expect chocolates that are both distinct and unique as they are. Personal identification can take a number of forms including high-quality ingredients, craftsmanship, limited editions and exclusive products. Colors, textures and flavors also factor into creating the brand of personalization. Incorporating a few of these techniques will help companies separate from the pack and help consumers recognize a brand’s unique identity.

5. Human and local
In the globalized marketplace, consumers are paying more attention to the origins and authenticity of chocolate. More and more, heritage will become the dominant criterion for measuring quality and building trust with consumers.

6. Respect and responsibility
The story behind the product is becoming more important to consumers. They want to know how food companies source their products, and how they treat the local communities. In addition, catering for special dietary needs and religious demands is increasingly important. Both trends lead to companies becoming transparent with consumers about their proceedings and accountable for their actions. .

Barry Callebaut is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate – from the cocoa bean to the finest chocolate product. Barry Callebaut is present in 30 countries, operates around 45 production facilities and employs a diverse and dedicated workforce of about 6,000 people.

Source: Candy Industry


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