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FAO Sustainable Development Goal

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The world is “off track” in meeting hunger, food security and nutrition targets that are part of the Sustainable Development Goal, the Food and Agriculture Organization said in a report released on July 18. “Being off track when it comes to reaching core pillars of the S.D.G.s unquestionably puts at risk the achievement of the entire 2030 Agenda, and makes… Read more »


The Future of Desserts

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Desserts have long since left the boundaries of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry and cake, pie, or ice cream. Modern desserts include such ingredients as florals, figs, vinegars, alcohol reductions, and even normally savory or pungent elements like tahini and lemongrass. Among the top food trends recently noted by research group Mintel are “less sweet” desserts featuring ingredients such as olive… Read more »


Combining modernity and tradition

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Many Chinese consumers are returning to their roots after two decades of intense western influence in the nation’s food and drink culture, while others are looking to modern solutions for modern health issues. What trends are emerging in China’s health and natural ingredients market? Due to growing disposable incomes and increased urbanisation, many Chinese consumers have become increasingly health conscious,… Read more »


First Doughnuts Went Haywire. Now Croissants Are Next

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With help from an Instagram-friendly makeover, the croissant is back in the spotlight. At Supermoon Bakehouse, a new spaceship of a pâtisserie in New York’s Lower East Side, a line of eager humans often snakes out the front door. Inside, the stars of the show are laid out on a long, coral-hued terrazzo slab that’s flecked like a cross section… Read more »


The ‘Crossushi’ is a thing and people are confused

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FIRST there was the Cronut, now this crazy new breakfast dish is taking off overseas, and people aren’t quite sure what to make of it. Many of us enjoy something sweet at breakfast time and a buttery croissant usually does the trick. But a bakery has come up with a bonkers new creation that throws everything we know and love… Read more »


Top food trends to watch for in 2014

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New innovations in packaging and flavors have consumers keeping an eye out for these trends in the new year.

With 2013 in the record books, consumers are hungry for new innovation in new and existing product categories.

Deconstructed dinners offer the convenience of a preplanned menu with the fun and creativity of gourmet home cooking. Companies such as Plated, BlueApron and HelloFresh offer meal kits including all the necessary ingredients for a dish costing $10-$15 per meal. HelloFresh has raised $7.5 million to expand from Europe and Australia to the US.


US: consumers have healthy appetite for high protein food

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Today, it seems high protein foods are one of the most sought after nutritional choices among American consumers to meet a variety of needs, from balancing diet, building muscle and weight loss. Indeed, according to new research from introductions of foods and drinks making a high protein claim are almost three times higher in the US than anywhere else in the world, accounting for 19 percent of global new product launches in 2012.


Top 10 trends from Leatherhead Food Research

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“2012 looks set to be one in which on-going trends will be stretched to their full potential, particularly as consumer concerns about health and wellness have prevailed and continue to be high on the agenda,” says Laura Kempster, senior market analyst. “Coupled with this, the uncertain economic future continues to affect both industry and consumers with a ‘tightening of belts’ attitude still very much affecting spending and investment.”