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Puratos reveals host of bakery innovations

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International baking and fillings maker Puratos UK has added two new flavours to Topfil range and two complementary variants to its Satin Crème Cake line. Launching in time for the spring / summer season, the Topfil Select Blackcurrant and Hibiscus and Topfil Select Strawberry, Cucumber and Mint fruit fillings are available now. Both lines are inspired by floral and alcohol… Read more »


Summer flavour trends

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Summer is a time where consumers desire healthy, refreshing and fun food and beverage options to enjoy with their friends and families. Here’s a perspective on satisfying summer flavour trends: Lemon and blueberries:  Many beverage companies are latching on to blueberries and lemon for the summer by creating alcoholic lemonade with gin in refreshing flavours, such as blueberry. The tart… Read more »


The most popular baked goods flavours for 2017

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Comax Flavors has released new market research on American consumers’ behaviour towards baked goods. The study focused on cakes, cookies, donuts, muffins and pies. The Sweet Baked Goods study was fielded in August 2017 with 1,000 U.S. respondents between the ages of 18 to over 70; half were female and the other half were male.According to IRI, the pastry/danish/coffee cakes… Read more »


Eight flavours for 2016

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Using a combination of in-depth, formal and grassroots market research initiatives, Sensient Flavors has identified what it believes are eight up-and-coming flavour trends for 2016 – starting with chamoy.


IFF Intensifies FMP Flavor Development in Bakery

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Governments and consumer organizations are continuously advocating further reductions of sugar, fat or salt in food and beverage products. For example, the UK Food Standards Agency has announced even more challenging 2017 salt targets. Consumers are continuing to be more interested in healthier formulations.


Great Taste champion

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Raspberry Sorbetto made by Snowflake Luxury Gelato, London, has been declared the Great Taste Supreme Champion 2014. Out of 10,000 products entered into Great Taste 2014, the Raspberry Sorbetto took the highest accolade at the Great Taste Golden Forks Dinner, where more than 300 guests from the world of fine food gathered to hear the result, which catapults Snowflake Luxury Gelato… Read more »


Older consumers indulge

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A recent report from Canadean has found that the desire for indulgence motivates over two thirds of confectionery consumption among consumers over the age of 55 in Spain. However, throughout the year older consumers tend to enjoy relatively few confectionery items – around 148 compared to teenage consumers who have confectionery around 245 times a year.


Chocolate competition winners are in

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This year’s Canadian National Competition saw strong repeat performances from last year’s winners Christophe Morel and Beta5 Chocolates. Notably, Montreal’s Morel took home the most medals of the competition: two Golds and three Silvers. The Canadian National Competition, part of the run-up to the International Chocolate Awards, is now in its second year. More than 100 products were entered for… Read more »


Brazilian confectionery market breaks R$10 billion mark

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New research from Mintel reveals that the sugar and gum market in Brazil has, for the first time, broken the R$10 billion (€3.8bn) barrier. And it’s a sweet outlook for the future of the sector too, as Mintel forecasts market revenue to grow at a rate of 5% a year, annual growth peaking at 6% in 2014 and 2016, when the World Cup and Olympic Games will take place. Furthermore, by 2017 the market is set to reach a mouthwatering R$14bn (€5.3bn). While value sales continued to grow, volume levels have remained stable, at an average of 260 thousand tonnes a year from 2007 to 2011.