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Steerable wheel sorter

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The Dematic steerable wheel sorter accommodates cases, cartons, totes and trays weighing up to 110 lb. for a variety of warehouse and distribution center applications that require sort rates from 40 to 80 cartons/min. A modular device that mounts inside the universal side frame of the Dematic modular conveyor system, the sorter can be relocated along the conveyor path if divert locations change. In the transport mode, the 4 rows of wheels turn in a forward direction, conveying product straight on the conveyor.


Less time and more space

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Mettler-Toledo Garvens has launched the new XC CC CombiChecker, a checkweighing and metal detection combination system for food and beverage manufacturers to speed throughput and reduce footprint on the production line while ensuring high accuracy. Additional benefits of combining the functionalities of checkweighing and metal detection in one space-saving unit include reduced operation time, fewer operating errors and overall line productivity enhancement.