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Handling Automation: Working with Trays and Pans

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Product carriers play an important role in baking facilities. Bakeware specialist Kempf shares expertise on working with trays in baking facilities, and on what benefits different types of trays bring to the manufacturing line and operations – to best match them with the product. Support trays for the baking industry come in a variety of materials and shapes. Customization is… Read more »


More efficient coating

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Caragum International has launched a coating system which is claimed to be 2-3 times more efficient than any other type of colloids used in coating.

Caracoat HV CG 191 is a standardised blend of gums from different botanical species of Acacia. It is successfully used for dragees, sugared almonds, dried fruits and seeds, chocolate centered sweets, chewing gum, pharmaceutical pills etc.