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Lesaffre eyes fermented foods resurgence, doubles capacity at Biospringer plant

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Lesaffre is targeting opportunity for fermented ingredients such as yeast, amid a reinvigorated interest in the use of these age-old processes. Growing global demand for natural and clean label ingredients is further boosted by an overarching theme towards salt and sugar reduction. These market dynamics have led the company to expand production, including at a key French facility, but future… Read more »


Removing added sugars in sweet baked foods

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Food manufacturers will have more reason to reduce added sugars in their products once the new Nutrition Facts Label becomes mandatory, and that’s especially true for makers of sweet baked foods. The Food and Drug Administration has mandated that a new Nutrition Facts Label include a line for added sugars, which is not on the current panel. Stevia and other… Read more »


Sharing clean label expertise

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Clean label is no longer the preserve of ‘healthy’ foods, according to Ingredion, which has launched an eBook to help food manufacturers get the most out of emerging clean label opportunities. With 70 per cent of European consumers ‘usually’ or ‘always’ reading front of pack claims and 60 per cent considering ingredient lists and claims on the back of products… Read more »


Clean Label

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Natural, authentic, free from preservatives, additive free…so many terms refer to this notion of returning to less processed ingredients – which are more authentic and functional – and to a reduction, or even elimination, of widely used additives. Encouraged by media coverage, the suspicion surrounding additives is further increasing this phenomenon, which is already well under way.