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Launch of new method for analysis of cadmium in chocolate

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced a new method for simple and accurate analysis of cadmium in chocolate. The Thermo Scientific iCE 3500 atomic absorption spectrometer allows simple analysis of this trace element, while Thermo Scientific SOLAAR software enables easy method development.


Changing chocolate tastes

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China’s fast-growing chocolate market is attracting a raft of international brands but local players may do better in the country’s smaller cities, notes Dominique Patton from Beijing


Cadbury chocolate Fairtrade certified

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Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate will now sport a “Fairtrade” logo on its redesigned packaging, while retaining the smaller block size it switched to last year. The confectionary maker would also increase the amount of cocoa solids in its product, from 21% to 26%. All of the ingredients in the company’s nine Cadbury Dairy Milk products that could be certified “Fairtrade”… Read more »


5 ways to celebrate chocolate

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for chocolate, and it’s never too early to plan for the sweet stuff. These recipes are all quick and easy to prepare. The first two make a single serving, so they’ll work well whether you celebrate with someone else or alone. Simply double the recipe for two. One of the following desserts is made… Read more »