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Cocoa Cartel Is Less Bitter for Luxury Chocolate

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A new method for pricing cocoa will give a better wage to West African farmers. The downside may be more inequality between global chocolate brands. The chocolate industry faces higher input costs in the future, warned Martin Hug, chief financial officer of Swiss confectioner Lindt & Sprüngli, in a sales update this week. Last summer, the governments of Ghana and… Read more »


Bakers Sue Nestlé for Selling ‘Fake’ White Chocolate

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A group of bakers has filed a class-action suit against Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, claiming its white chocolate chips are not actually white chocolate, but are instead made with inferior hydrogenated oils. The complaint, filed in Santa Cruz County Superior Court, alleges that the Premier White Morsels sold by Nestlé skimp on cocoa butter and replace it with… Read more »


Seeking ‘better’ chocolate

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Harvard professor Carla Martin pushes for consumers to buy socially-conscious chocolate. I never thought I’d see the words “Harvard scholar” and “chocolate” in the same story, but Boston.com delivered. The publication recently conducted an interview with Carla Martin, Harvard professor and founder and executive director of the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute. What does she want, according to the Boston.com piece? She… Read more »


World Chocolate Forum 2015

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250 chocolate producers including: Cloetta, Burtons, Cavalier, Divine, Ferrero, Kinnerton, Green and Blacks, Hotel Chocolat, Leonidas, Libeert, Mondelez, Thorntons, Unilever, United Biscuits, Waitrose, Ritter, Selfridges, Valor, Gu, Harrods and many many more.

The World Chocolate Forum is held at the brand new multi-million pound conference centre at the infamous British Library (walking distance from King’s Cross station, London, UK). It has grown to be the single most important event in the chocolate industry global calendar offering the chance to network with executives that would never be possible anywhere else in one go. In addition there is an exhibition and keynote exclusively commissioned lectures running all day on the subject of chocolate manufacturing and marketing.


Chocolate show returns to Chicago

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With more than 27 years’ experience organizing events and trade shows, president Mario Pi explains the need for the NCDS, in a media statement: “From mass production to artisan chocolatiers, chocolate and dessert producers have an artisan craftsmanship that requires specialty equipment, a concentrated focus on ingredients, and constant upkeep of the latest industry trends. We wanted to make it easy for both foodservice operators and retail buyers to have all the broader elements needed to build a chocolate or dessert program in one place with the focused objectives needed to address the niche industry.”


National Chocolate Show registration free until Oct. 15

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Attendees who register for the National Chocolate Show trade event between now and Oct. 15 will receive free admission. After Oct. 15, attendees will be charged an admission price of $25.

The National Chocolate Show premieres as the only tradeshow dedicated to the chocolate industry Nov. 16-18 at Chicago’s Navy Pier. The show will take place in conjunction with the consumer-targeted Chicago Fine Chocolate Show.


Engineers flag up processing, traceability methods to lower chocolate recalls

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Recalls of chocolate products could be significantly lower if there was more rigorous traceability in the chocolate supply chain and if brand owners adopted processing techniques that relied on reduced batch dispersion, find a new study.