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Barry Callebaut debuts Cacaofruit Experience range of products

Barry Callebaut has unveiled a new range of products that makes use of the entire cacao fruit, including its beans, peel as well as its fruity pulp and juice. Called Cacaofruit Experience, the ingredients can be used in applications such as juices, smoothies, frozen desserts, bakery and pastry products, and snacks all the way to chocolate. Barry Callebaut said the… Read more »


What’s the Difference Between Cocoa & Cacao?

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Sure, you love chocolate, but can you tell these ingredients apart? Most people love the rich, creamy taste of chocolate, but not everyone knows the difference between cocoa and cacao. The chocolate flavor most of us think of is based on cocoa, which comes from the beans of the cacao tree. Cocoa is processed into cocoa powder, cocoa butter and,… Read more »


Uncommon Cacao vs. global commodity markets

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A new report from the farmer financier highlights imbalances that disproportionately hurt farmers and create disincentives among manufacturers and retailers to push for change To understand the impact that volatile commodity markets have on the “little guy,” just look at the Ivory Coast. The West African country is the world’s largest producer of cacao?—?the fruit that chocolate is made from. To… Read more »


United Cacao receives environmental certification

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Peru-based cacao plantation company United Cacao has had its soil study report approved by the General Directorate for Agricultural Environmental Affairs (DGAAA), a division of the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture. The approved soil study is the final element for completion of the company’s environmental certification programme known as the Proyecto de Adecuacion de Manejo Ambiental (PAMA) submission. The PAMA is… Read more »