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Emerging Technologies Put to the Proof

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The principles of proofing, as an essential step in bread making, have largely remained unchanged for thousands of years. But while the processes and chemical reactions remain the same, the technology behind them has constantly evolved. R&D efforts have continually been driven by the quest to streamline the process, to adapt it to unusual ingredients and innovative formulations, and to cut… Read more »


The future of factory-made bread might be a lot tastier than you think

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Nicolas Bernadi’s bread factory runs 24 hours a day, churning out organic breads, croissants, quiches—many destined for bakeries across San Francisco or the shelves at Costco. His goal is simple: scaling high-quality baked goods without ingredients that read like a long chemistry list. So he uses the best ingredients, a precise and repeatable process, and taste-tests everything for deliciousness. Bernadi… Read more »


The Best of Bread

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Jewish bakers are rethinking everything they thought they knew about rye bread. And baguettes. And croissants. And scones.


Ingredients, Mixes Benefit from Boom in Home Baking

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Launches of bakery ingredients and mixes recorded by Innova Market Insights rose to well over 5,000 globally in the 12 months to the end of March 2014, accounting for over 14.5% of total bakery introductions over the same period.


All Things Baking 2012

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All Things Baking is making an impact with progressive bakers, pastry chefs, cake artists, chocolatiers, restaurant managers, bakery directors and more. High-energy and idea-filled, this Innovative retail trade event offers unmatched education, participatory demonstrations and the full scope of new products and services to help retail culinary professionals keep their businesses competitive, profitable and on top of the trends. ATB is supported by the Retail Bakers of America, the American Bakers Association and BEMA.


Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show

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The event, which runs Sept. 30 to Oct. 2 at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ont., will be a treat for the eyes and taste buds as celebrity experts create confectionary masterpieces and a parade of delectable dessert samples.


Artisan bread basics

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Once you take flour, water, salt and yeast and develop them in a mixer, what forms is a dough, which is the result of the water hydrating the flour particles.