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Chocolate batons for baked goods

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The starting point for a unique selling proposition is chocolate pieces in new shapes, colours and flavours. One example of this is bake stable chocolate batons, that are used chiefly for chocolate croissants.


Baked goods volume testing now faster, says SMS

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An upgrade to the instrumentation attached to a baked goods texture analysis system enables bespoke testing of baked products in a wide range of shapes and sizes, claims its developer, Stable Micro Systems (SMS).


Vacuum Cooling technology

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Vacuum cooling technology has finally come to maturity and today presents itself with the support of new vacuum systems and sophisticated control systems as a technology of the future. Developed in Switzerland, the system is price-effective and increases quality. Vacuum technology as such is nothing new. Vacuum cookers have been used for many years to gently deaerate and evacuate fruit… Read more »