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Colour warning regulation comes into place

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The article 24 of the regulation (EC) no. 1333/2008, which applies as of 20 July, requires that products containing the disputed “Southampton colours” need to bear a warning label “may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children”.


Clean Label

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Natural, authentic, free from preservatives, additive free…so many terms refer to this notion of returning to less processed ingredients – which are more authentic and functional – and to a reduction, or even elimination, of widely used additives. Encouraged by media coverage, the suspicion surrounding additives is further increasing this phenomenon, which is already well under way.


Raising Expectations

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With fluctuating weather patterns and volatile import availability and tariffs, flour millers have had their work cut out to supply consistent and standard-meeting flour to the bread making community. Demand is set to rapidly outweigh supply in the coming years, putting further pressure on the industry, however, there is extensive research and development being carried out to ensure this vital base material is ready to make good quality, tasty bread.


Concerns in the cocoa market

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Sixteen European cocoa industry participants have sent a letter of complaint to NYSE Liffe, the global derivatives business that runs futures and options markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, London and Paris, saying the extent of speculation on the London cocoa market could drive them towards using the US-based Intercontinental Exchange.


CSM UK eliminates AZO Colorants from product range

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Increasing consumer interest in natural, clean label products and naturally coloured foods has lead CSM United Kingdom, along with its European counterparts, to set a July 2010 deadline for the replacement of synthetic AZO colorants with non-AZO colorants used in their products.


Forecast holds for world flour trade

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World exports of wheat flour in 2009-10 were once again forecast at a record 12.6 million tonnes of wheat equivalent in an updated report just issued by the International Grains Council. While the trade total was unchanged from the previous forecast of last February, significant revisions were made for both exporting and importing countries.