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Food Tourism Benefits Bakeries

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Tourism is big business for cities across the country. According to the U.S. Travel Association, direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers totaled $683.1 billion in 2016. For many of these travelers, sightseeing and shopping are primary leisure travel activities. However, the one thing that is absolutely necessary on a trip is food consumption. The rise in foodie… Read more »


A Guide to Automated Croissant Lines

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The popular breakfast pastry is unique in its light flaky texture and buttery flavor. How are croissants obtained? Their production requires mixing, kneading, laminating, cutting, forming, proofing, baking, cooling, and packaging; for consistent, automated manufacturing, this means dedicated croissant lines. Technology solution experts from Rademaker, RONDO and Fritsch have shared with European Baker & Biscuit a guide through each module,… Read more »


AIB International offering nine online courses

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AIB International has teamed up with Alchemy Systems to offer commercial and retail bakeries online training services. AIB’s Baking Specialist Online Collection includes nine online courses through Alchemy Academy’s online platform. “As more and more professional bakers are retiring, the industry faces a significant knowledge gap,” said Andre Biane, president and chief executive officer of AIB. According to the “Workforce… Read more »


Using Yeast for Gluten-free Bread

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The texture and flavor of standard bread is the target of gluten-avoiders. Obtaining these taste and texture is as essential for free-from products as it is for any other type of bread.  To achieve this, using yeast is necessary. Yeasts are single-celled fungi that convert carbohydrates into carbon dioxide and alcohols during fermentation, the process that transforms dough. These microorganisms… Read more »


First Doughnuts Went Haywire. Now Croissants Are Next

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With help from an Instagram-friendly makeover, the croissant is back in the spotlight. At Supermoon Bakehouse, a new spaceship of a pâtisserie in New York’s Lower East Side, a line of eager humans often snakes out the front door. Inside, the stars of the show are laid out on a long, coral-hued terrazzo slab that’s flecked like a cross section… Read more »


The ‘Crossushi’ is a thing and people are confused

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FIRST there was the Cronut, now this crazy new breakfast dish is taking off overseas, and people aren’t quite sure what to make of it. Many of us enjoy something sweet at breakfast time and a buttery croissant usually does the trick. But a bakery has come up with a bonkers new creation that throws everything we know and love… Read more »


Research: Baking with Sourdough

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Sourdough and sour cultures have been used as part of food manufacturing since Ancient Egyptian times. Sourdough was used to give bread flavor and add volume to the loaves being baked. Modern research also suggests that sourdough could also remove mycotoxins from affected wheat. By Nathan Giles, Senior Bakery Technologist, Campden BRI Modern day fermentation for bread is achieved by… Read more »


New Product Awards winners announced for Europain

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A committee of bakery and pastry professionals announced seven winners for the Europain new product awards. “Among them are products that will help you save time and water and work comfortably in the kitchen no matter your height or range of mobility,” said Elizabeth Meaney, spokesperson for Europain, in a press statement. And the winners are… Manufacturing • LINUM EUROPE– Flui, a… Read more »


Four tips to consider when designing a bakery

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It’s extremely rare that a company’s initial dream for a new plant, even its initial schematic design, will be realized 100% as it was envisioned. That first conceptual drawing is often like hitting a golf ball off the tee box. “On a par 4, you’re not going to get a hole-in-one,” said Mike Pierce, president, The Austin Co. “You keep… Read more »


Exclusive: Anatomy of a Cake Line

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Cake production lines must address all process stages, from batter and cream preparation, to baking, filling, decorating, and cooling. Here are the innovations providing solutions for each, explained by experts at GEA, Auto-Bake Serpentine (Middleby Corporation), and Tonelli. GEA configurations Let us look into a standard configuration setup of modules for cake lines, and possible add-ons, with the help of… Read more »