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Bread Bakers Guild of America selects Team USA 2020

Throughout 2018, the Bread Bakers Guild of America underwent the selection process to choose its team that will compete in the Coupe Louis Lesaffre regional qualifier in 2019 and then compete in the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie in Paris in 2020. Twenty two bakers submitted their applications for the team, with tryouts taking place in February 2018 and… Read more »


Premiere at ProSweets 2019: TOMRA Presents New Sorting Equipment

TOMRA Food, part of the Norwegian TOMRA Group, is showcasing innovative sweets sorting systems for gummies and delicate confectionery products at ProSweets 2019 in Cologne, Germany for the first time. TOMRA systems help food manufacturers ensure that their end products always meet the highest quality standards by reliably and efficiently removing defective articles and foreign materials. Sorting systems for sweets:… Read more »


UK confectionery market expects growth despite Brexit trading challenges

Market uncertainties with Brexit have made many UK firms wary of investment, including within confectionery. But as Neill Barston reports, Euromonitor research indicates there may be hope ahead  As the Food and Drink Federation has recently highlighted, the manufacturing sector in the UK is facing an overhanging cloud in the form of Brexit. The ongoing uncertainty over how the economic… Read more »


The BreadBot Debuts at the Consumer Electronics Show

Baked in Front of Your Eyes – Bread that is Fresh, Healthy, Preservative Free and Eco-Friendly The BreadBot Mixes, Forms, Proofs, Bakes and Cools Bread All on its Own Retailers Can Benefit from Potential 20-Fold Lift in Profit Margins by Cutting Out Distribution Process The Wilkinson Baking Company, a family-owned business that is transforming the world of baking one loaf… Read more »


Bread Eternal

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In the ruins of Ostia Antica, where Roman roads have disintegrated into a tangle of worn stones and earth, past market stalls where tall grasses jut from meticulously laid mosaic floors, one can find about three dozen stone basins in which bakers once placed bread dough to rise. This is one of several baking sites archaeologists have identified in the… Read more »


World Confectionery Group launches takeover bid for Spanish chocolate maker Natra

Natra, the Spanish confectionery business, is the subject of a takeover bid from World Confectionery Group, an investment vehicle controlled by Luxembourg-registered investment group Investindustrial Advisors. A statement on Investindustrial Advisors’ website said it has offered EUR142m (US$161.1m) for the Madrid-headquartered Natra’s shares and convertible bonds. Investindustrial Advisors is a pan-European private-equity house that predominantly invests in medium-sized companies active in… Read more »


European wheat lacks climate resilience

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The climate is not only warming, it is also becoming more variable and extreme. Such unpredictable weather can weaken global food security if major crops such as wheat are not sufficiently resilient—and if we are not properly prepared. A group of European researchers, including Professor Jørgen E. Olesen from the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University, has found that current… Read more »


Sugar confectionery Market Growth 2018-2023

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Sugar confectionery products are attractive and sweet which is gaining traction among all the age groups. Changing consumption pattern followed by increasing disposable income is boosting the growth of the sugar confectionery market. Market Definition: Sugar confectionery products are attractive and sweet which is gaining traction among all the age groups. Changing consumption pattern followed by increasing disposable income is… Read more »


The FAO Food Price Index steady in December but lower in 2018 compared to 2017

» The FAO Food Price Index* (FFPI) averaged 161.7 points in December 2018, nearly unchanged from its November value as lower dairy and sugar quotations were largely offset by firmer cereal prices and somewhat higher prices of meat and oils. For the whole of 2018, the FFPI averaged 168.4 points, down 3.5 percent from 2017 and almost 27 percent below… Read more »