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Combining modernity and tradition

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China’s health and wellness market: Combining modernity and tradition Many Chinese consumers are returning to their roots after two decades of intense western influence in the nation’s food and drink culture, while others are looking to modern solutions for modern health issues. What trends are emerging in China’s health and natural ingredients market? Due to growing disposable incomes and increased… Read more »


Bakery Shelf Life

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DuPont experts share advancements with “multi-hurdle” technology and new enzyme solution Technology innovations are brought into our world every day, sometimes reshaping industries and altering business practices. But throughout the baking industry, these types of advancements are exceptionally rare. DuPont Nutrition & Health will demonstrate its shelf-life expertise at the ASB BakingTech 2019 convention by showcasing its continual innovations with… Read more »


Vacuum Cooling Advances Baking

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Vacuum cooling has been around for decades, but it’s only today that the technology has reached a level of maturity high enough to gain widespread acceptance especially for bakery applications. Several reasons have prevented this acceptance before. The first is the fact that – contrary to all other vacuum cooling applications, for bread & bakery, vacuum cooling will directly influence the quality of… Read more »


Prehistoric superfood with a future

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With the Tartary buckwheat, a raw material that combines functionality with flavorand is thus deemed to be a new superfood is celebrating its comeback. At the same time the pseudocereal satisfies consumer wishes for original, authentic ingredients with added health value –whether in fitness beverages, dairy products or baked goods.Ever more people want to eat a healthy diet –and they… Read more »


IBIE 2019 offers largest baking event educational program in the world

The IBIEEducate program for the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) is its largest education program to date and the broadest offering in the industry. More than 100 sessions are designed to deliver fresh, forward-thinking perspectives on business, marketing, and creativity for the baking industry at IBIE 2019 on September 7-11 in Las Vegas. “As the industry’s most important gathering, IBIE’s… Read more »


Puratos Selected as Winner of 2019 ASB Innovation Award for Vivafil

Puratos’ Vivafil range of preservative-free fruit fillings was selected as the winner of the American Society of Baking’s (ASB) 2019 Innovation Award in the Health, Wellness and Nutrition category. These awards recognize companies in the grain-based food industry for their innovative development and implementation of leading-edge products. The award in the Health, Wellness and Nutrition category is given to companies that have… Read more »


The FAO Food Price Index moves up higher

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» The FAO Food Price Index* (FFPI) averaged 167.5 points in February 2019, up 2.7 points (1.7 percent) from January.  While the February value of the FFPI marked its highest level since August 2018, it remained nearly 4 points (2.3 percent) below its level in the corresponding month last year. Prices of all commodities represented in the FFPI rose in… Read more »


Barry Callebaut continues its China market expansion with new office and CHOCOLATE ACADEMY center in Beijing

Growing demand for high-quality chocolate products together with the desire to better serve Chinese customers prompted new office in Beijing and extended distribution plans in second-tier multi-million cities across China. The Barry Callebaut Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, celebrates today the opening of its new office and its new CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center in Beijing… Read more »


Godiva Just Invented a Croissant-Waffle Hybrid

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Commuting to work just got a whole lot better-for those traveling in and out of Pennsylvania Station in New York City. GODIVA is opening its first café in North America inside the famous train station in early February, and the menu looks equal parts sweet and savory. There’s quite a variety on café’s menu, but the biggest item is the… Read more »


High intake of dietary fibre and whole grain foods reduces risk of non-communicable diseases

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University of Otago researchers have found a link between higher intakes of dietary fibre and whole grain foods and a reduction in the risk of a wide range of non-communicable diseases and their risk factors. Their series of systematic reviews and meta analyses of observational studies and clinical trials conducted over nearly 40 years show a 15 to 30 per… Read more »