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Details of Cadbury deal emerge

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Details of the deal between British confectioner Cadbury and Kraft have emerged which show the US food manufacturer paid the equivalent of 850p per share. It is thought that the deal was finally clinched in the early hours of the morning on Wednesday January 20th, with Cadbury accepting an offer worth £11.9 billion from Kraft. The Times reports that Cadbury’s… Read more »


Northern Foods sales up on bakery operations

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Like-for-like sales at Northern Foods PLC during the third quarter ended 26 December were flat compared with a year ago, reflecting the company’s planned exit from marginal frozen pastry contracts. For the nine months ended 26 December, like-for-like sales were up 1.9%, led by good growth from the company’s chilled and bakery operations. “Northern Foods has delivered a resilient Christmas… Read more »


Neapolitan Pizza with Traditional Specialty Guaranteed

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The Neapolitan Pizza has obtained the certificate of Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG), which it was asked for nearly two years. This pizza has specific characteristics that make it different. To talk about a Neapolitan Pizza, it is necessary to satisfy the following requirements: – Pizza dough reposed at least six hours – Amount of mass between 180 to 250 grams… Read more »


Food manufacturers ‘quietly reduce salt levels’

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Food manufacturers are taking a different approach to making their products healthier and marketing them to consumers, reports the Wall Street Journal. Rather than producing specialist products which are advertised as having low sodium content, companies are quietly reducing the levels of salt in their flagship brands. Health organisations in the US and Europe want to reduce people salt intake… Read more »


Kraft, Cadbury’s defence is ‘underwhelming’

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Activity is heating up around the British confectionary brand Cadbury after the publication of a defence document on January 12th stating that Kraft’s takeover offer was “even more unattractive”. Reports have emerged through the Reuters news agency that sources close to the Italian company Ferrero and the US food manufacturer Hershey have ruled out either company putting in a rival… Read more »


Nestle has launched a new research and development centre

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Nestle’s new center, R+D Santiago, will lead the research and development worldwide in biscuits and cereals snacks, and will focus on innovation and product renewal. This will bring together specialists from different areas as nutrition, technology, product development and quality control. The center will develop new technologies that will help further reduce levels of sugar and fat so that cookies… Read more »


Nestle acquires assets of Kraft Foods in the U.S. and Canada

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Nestle announced the acquisition of three thousand 700 millions of Dollars from the U.S. sector activities of Kraft Foods in the U.S. and Canada. So far, Nestle held a position of second order in the frozen pizza industry in the United States. With this operation, the group expanded its presence in this market, the largest in the world with approximately… Read more »



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These additives provide the specific density and texture in milkshakes, ice creams or sauces. Food coloring, preservatives or flavorings are some of the additives that are used more in nourishing industry in order to heighten particular qualities (color or flavor) or to prolong the life utility. But there is a seasoning more: stabilizers charged to give and to maintain one… Read more »


Vacuum Cooling technology

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Vacuum cooling technology has finally come to maturity and today presents itself with the support of new vacuum systems and sophisticated control systems as a technology of the future. Developed in Switzerland, the system is price-effective and increases quality. Vacuum technology as such is nothing new. Vacuum cookers have been used for many years to gently deaerate and evacuate fruit… Read more »