Ingredion Launches Fiber Ingredient for Low FODMAP Applications

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Ingredion has launched a dietary fiber in the US called Novelose 3490. The fiber, which originally launched in the Asia Pacific region, is certified Low FODMAP. The ingredient, along with its certified claim, enables food manufacturers to develop high-fiber bakery and snack products that satisfy consumer demand for digestive wellness.

“Dietary fibers continue to play an important role in digestive health,” says Carolyn Phillips, Ingredion’s market insights lead, North America. “Novelose 3490 dietary fiber provides manufacturers with an easy and affordable way to support a low FODMAP diet.”

FODMAP refers to Fermentable Oligo- Di- and Monosaccharides and Polyols – these are short-chain carbohydrates, which some experts say could trigger occasional digestive discomfort. Thus, a low FODMAP diet can be an effective way to help manage digestive wellness.

In 2018, Innova Market Insights reported a 21 percent average annual growth in new product launches carrying a fiber claim. Moreover, Kerry released a study in May that found “huge opportunities” for gut-health-promoting ingredients in foods that are not typically consumed for health purposes, such as muffins and pizza.

A range of snacks can easily be fortified with fiber for digestive-health positioning.

Novelose 3490 is an insoluble dietary fiber, classified as a ‘type 4 resistant starch’ (RS4), which can provide fewer calories when replacing a portion of the flour in baked goods. It is a tapioca-based, resistant starch that can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as breads, cookies, tortillas, cereals, bars and pastas and can replace up to 50% of flour used.

Furthermore, the dietary fiber is positioned as “being easy to use, process tolerant” and boasts a minimum total dietary fiber of 85%, which can add fiber to foods with little to no impact on texture, flavor and color.

In addition to the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recognition of Novelose 3490 as a dietary fiber, the ingredient has been certified by Monash University as a Low FODMAP Certified product in the US.

Research indicates that the low FODMAP diet is starting to gain popularity among consumers. Ingredion’s August 2019 quantitative study of more than 750 US participants revealed that 61% of consumers feel that a low FODMAP diet is good for overall health and wellness.

Products that receive low FODMAP certification are licensed to use the official Monash University Low FODMAP Certified seal – making it easier for manufacturers and consumers to identify ingredients and products that help support digestive health while following a low FODMAP diet.

“In recent years, Ingredion has expanded its ingredient bases to include rice, tapioca and potato in addition to corn,” says Aaron Edwards, Ingredion’s North America platform lead, starch texturizers. “This diversification allows us to offer our customers an extensive ingredient portfolio with unique features and benefits.”