French Pâtissier Launches Gluten-free Pop Macarons

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French pâtissier Tipiak has unveiled a new selection of pop macarons for the UK foodservice sector. Featuring stunning fruit flavors, the Pop Macarons Fruits are gluten-free – currently the only gluten-free authentic French macarons available widescale to the UK hospitality sector.

“The main challenges in producing gluten-free macarons are ensuring that all the ingredients are gluten-free when they arrive at the manufacturing unit and safeguarding their gluten-free integrity throughout the baking process right through to packing,” Charlotte Ganier told WorldBakers. The company representative also added that this includes segregating all ingredients to avoid any cross-contamination in the bakery environment. Tiapik ensures that all staff is fully trained in gluten-free production methods so that the macarons maintain their gluten-free credentials from start to finish.

Regarding the consumer profile, Ganier explained us that free-from foods are one of the growth sectors in foodservice. The demand for gluten-free products has risen steadily and in response, foodservice operators are offering an increasingly wider range of gluten-free items. “Many consumers today are looking for good quality, premium products – something that Tipiak specializes in. All of Tipiak’s pâtisserie, canapés and macarons are hand-assembled by trained professionals including bakers, chefs, and pastry chefs,” Ganier highlighted.

Each mixed pack of pop macarons contains six bold fruit flavours in pastel shades, decorated with contrasting fruit-flavored lacing. The selection features the fruity flavors of blackcurrant, lemon-yuzu, morello cherry, coconut, passionfruit and apricot.

“Macarons have been a huge hit on social media in recent years – introducing a whole new generation to these authentic delights. Macarons are now a must-serve ingredient on any afternoon tea menu, as well as being popular accompaniments to coffee or as a sweet buffet option. So versatile, macarons are also used as decorations or as key ingredients in desserts and freakshakes and can even be served as wedding favors,” explains Charlotte Ganier, international development project manager at Tipiak, which supplies frozen, authentic French pâtisserie to the UK foodservice sector.

The new Pop Macarons Fruits join an existing range of Tipiak pâtisserie and macarons supplied frozen to the UK foodservice sector via distributor Central Foods.

Tipiak macarons have a significantly higher almond content than most other macarons in the marketplace, enhancing their flavor, and making them less brittle and fragile, and less sweet.

Gluten-free, with certification from the French Coeliac Association, the macarons are also suitable for vegetarians.

Tipiak’s new Pop Macarons Fruits are produced in France and are available frozen in packs of 36. Before serving, simply remove from the freezer, leave for one hour in the refrigerator, plus 15 minutes at room temperature.

Source: World Bakers