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San Antonio’s La Panadería named one of the best artisanal bakeries in North America

San Antonio’s La Panadería made the ranks of one of the best in North America. USA Today’s 10Best website named the bakery-cafe by brothers José and David Cáceres on a national list this week. “These artisan bakers across North America wake up at ungodly hours and pour their hearts and souls into making bread the old-fashioned way, along with fanciful… Read more »


Confectionery giant Mars takes 100% ownership of UAE business

Company buys out local partner following last year’s law change allowing complete ownership of onshore firms Food giant Mars has become one of the first multinationals to take advantage of the UAE’s new foreign direct investment (FDI) laws offering foreign companies 100 per cent ownership of onshore companies by buying out its local partner. The company, which has had a… Read more »


Italian bread – Romancing the ciabatta

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Who wants to eat bread in this sweltering heat? Fortifying bread is something more applicable to the winter months of the year while summer is best spent at the beach or the pool with an ice-cold slice of juicy watermelon, right? Wrong! Few breads are especially suited to our hot, Mediterranean climate, but one country has perfected a light, summery… Read more »


Dr. Oetker slammed over E171: ‘Stop using titanium dioxide’

Foodwatch has launched a petition urging the food maker to cut titanium dioxide from its ingredients list. Although it is considered safe by European regulators, the contentious ingredient has been linked to negative health consequences, including damage to the intestinal flora and – in the form of very small nanoparticles – the development of cancer. E171 is a colouring used… Read more »


French Pâtissier Launches Gluten-free Pop Macarons

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French pâtissier Tipiak has unveiled a new selection of pop macarons for the UK foodservice sector. Featuring stunning fruit flavors, the Pop Macarons Fruits are gluten-free – currently the only gluten-free authentic French macarons available widescale to the UK hospitality sector. “The main challenges in producing gluten-free macarons are ensuring that all the ingredients are gluten-free when they arrive at… Read more »


The perfect French baguette

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Stroll through Paris first thing in the morning, and you’ll see lines of people snaking out of their local boulangeries for their morning bread. That’s because, throughout France, getting up early and buying a baguette is more than second nature; it’s a way of life. According to the Observatoire du Pain (yes, France has a scientific ‘Bread Observatory’), the French… Read more »


What it took for Malaysia to win at the Olympics of the pastry world

While we fight with our neighbours about who “owns” chicken rice or cendol, you would not immediately associate pâtisserie with Malaysia. Yet earlier this year, Team Malaysia won the coveted World Pastry Cup or Coupe de Monde de la Pâtisserie in Lyon, France. For Patrick Siau, Tan Wei Loon, Otto Tay, Loi Ming Ai it was an unforgettable experience when the Negaraku was played at the ceremony…. Read more »


Barry Callebaut introduces Bensdorp Natural Dark

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Barry Callebaut introduces Bensdorp Natural Dark – a flavorful, 100% natural, dark cocoa powder Bensdorp, the premium cocoa brand of Barry Callebaut, introduces Natural Dark, a 100% natural and flavorful dark cocoa powder with a superior taste experience. In a consumer test the new Natural Dark cocoa powder was approved by consumers from all over the world. It enables food… Read more »


Cadbury chocolate receives resentment for ‘diversity’ candy bar

In something that seems out of Bizarro World, people are angry over chocolate. To be more specific, a chocolate’s branding. Cadbury recently received some backlash for a candy bar they released in India, featuring four different types of chocolate. The chocolate was meant to promote diversity with it’s blending of white, milk, light and dark flavors in celebration of India’s… Read more »