Domino Uses Artificial Intelligence to Create Better Pizza

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Ordering a pizza online can sometimes be a shot in the dark, especially if you have a complicated preference for toppings.

But Domino’s Australia has taken steps to ensure your slice will never be delivered in a less than perfect condition by introducing artificial intelligence to its cooking process.

The takeaway chain has revealed its plans to equip every store in the country with an ‘electronic eye’ which will sit above the pizza cutting bench and provide automated quality assurance.

Domino’s’ new ‘pizza checker’ instantly checks the quality of the pizzas by verifying the type, toppings, crust type and temperature; and displays it online for customers.

The futuristic technology will also ensure toppings are distributed evenly and fairly by scanning the entire face of the pizza.

And if a pizza ‘fails’ the scan, the employee will be forced to remake it until it passes the electronic test.

It is now being trialed at a Domino’s store in Brisbane and will be rolled out across all locations across Australia in 2018.

‘Pizza Checker will dramatically improve the quality and consistency of handmade pizzas – cooked and cut to perfection, correctly topped with only the highest quality, freshest ingredients consistently,’ Domino’s Group CEO Don Meij said.

‘The end result is an improvement in the accuracy of pizza orders as it guides the cook process through perfectly and holds us accountable to the high standards we expect to go out the doors and that our customers deserve.

Domino’s partnered with software company Dragontail Systems which supplied the Google AI software, named DRU.

The pizza chain is the first big business to use Dragontail’s technology, after it was tested at a small pizza establishment in 2016.