Aston Foods Brand is Transferred to Vacuum Cooling Company

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The rights of Aston Foods have been transferred to VACUUM COOLING COMPANY, a BVT Group Member.

With the realization of this transfer, the brand name of one of the pioneering organizations in the Vacuum Cooling industry is reunited with its founder Patrick Duss.

Mr. Duss is often referred to as ‘Mr. Vacuum Cooling’ and is one of the pioneers in the segment. Duss and the Dutch VACUUM COOLING COMPANY have joined forces to create more awareness and understanding for this game-changing technology in the food industry.

The Aston Foods International AG, a manufacturer of equipment for vacuum cooling for bakery production based in Steinhausen, Switzerland, had filed for bankruptcy last year, and on October 23, 2018, a single judge at the cantonal court in Zug declared the company bankrupt and dissolved it.

The company belonged to the industrialist Karl Nicklaus, while the managing director was Jörg Trübl. Before the bankruptcy was official, there were rumors surrounding the company, which founder Patrick Duss had sold to Nicklaus in 2013. There were legal hassles for rent and construction costs, followed by a name change and the bankruptcy of Aston Foods and the re-establishment of Aston Foods International AG.

The latter was then part of Stosus AG, in which Nicklaus had grouped together several companies. At the end of October 2018, Aston Foods International AG went bankrupt.