Lallemand Announces Yeast Price Increases

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Lallemand has announced price will increase for yeast, effective October 1, 2018, or as current contracts expire across all price zones.

In Canada, pricing will increase 10.2 cents (CDN) per kilogram of cream yeast (17 cents per kilogram compressed equivalent) and 17 cents (CDN) per kilogram of bag and block yeast.

Dry yeast prices will also increase by 57 cents CDN per kilogram on an ex works basis, according to

An increase in transport costs has been cited among reasons, as well as growing substrate costs due to the drought in Europe, which has negatively affected the sugar beet crop. In addition, vitamins, packaging, labor costs and other ingredients factored into implementing this price change, according to the ingredient specialist.

The pricing will be in effect until further notice as there are emerging inflationary cost increases in many areas.

Source: World Bakers