Teaming up with Hershey to eradicate child labor

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Monitoring the cocoa farmer communities from whom we source from on cases of the worst forms of child labor, is one example of how Barry Callebaut aims to eradicate child labor. Combining our efforts with our customers increases our impact.

Barry Callebaut and The Hershey Company (“Hershey”) committed to address community needs and implement child labor monitoring and remediation with farmers across 32 communities in Côte d’Ivoire.

“The Hershey Company does not tolerate, and is committed to preventing, child labor across the entire supply chain. Child labor is a symptom of poverty and we have therefore chosen under our new Cocoa For Good strategy to address it in a holistic manner.  Strong communities play a vital role to drive the ownership in prevention and remediation efforts against child labor and we believe that todays’ children and youth become tomorrow’s leaders when they’re equipped with the skills and resources to build successful futures – in cocoa-growing communities and beyond.” stated Jeff King Sr.Director CSR, Sustainability and Social Innovation.

The end goal is to empower cocoa farmer communities to take the fight against child labor into their own hands. To this purpose, Barry Callebaut and Hershey are providing training and resources to build the capacity of community child protection committees which will focus on child protection, education and women’s empowerment. Children and families will be provided with assistance in the form of school kits, birth certificates, alternative groups to provide work, educational activities, vocational training for family members, and women’s income generation for mothers.

The International Cocoa Initiative (ICI), a multi-stakeholder platform of industry and NGOs, will take a leading role in the delivery of training programs on child labor monitoring and data analysis, and will drive remediation activities.

Child Monitoring using Katchilè

Katchilè, a geotraceability App developed by Barry Callebaut, allows us to better assess our farmers’ needs and track our impact related to sustainability activities. Katchilè, which will be one of the tools used to capture data, identifies households at risk as well as the presence of children working in the cocoa communities we source from.

“We are committed to a sustainable cocoa sector – which cannot exist if child labor persists,” stated Nicko Debenham, Head of Sustainability and MD Biolands and Chairman of Cocoa Horizons “While we may not have all of the answers today, we are engaging with experts and governments to ensure we find the solutions and implement the activities to make them a reality.”