Callebaut releases chocolate with natural gold colour

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First they gave us “ruby” pink chocolate, now European cocoa giant Barry Callebaut CG has released gold chocolate in time for the festive season.

The naturally golden-coloured chocolate (sorry people, it doesn’t contain actual gold) has been in development for two years.

To create the gold colour, Belgian chocolatiers incorporate sugar and milk that has been caramelised into the chocolate.

Technically a white chocolate, it contains cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder, milk sugar (lactose), whey powder, caramelised milk powder, caramelised sugar, soya lecithin (emulsifier), natural vanilla and salt.

The resulting flavour has “notes of toffee, butter and cream”, with an intense toasted caramel and slightly salty taste, and a milky, silk texture.

Callebaut’s high melting point makes it suitable for cooking and a favourite among professional pastry chefs.

Here at Good Food, we predict the new hue will add a little more glam to your festive banquet, with the use of gold chocolate in classics such as chocolate mousse, fondant, rocky road, fudge, fondue, or a Christmas trifle.