Campden BRI bread structure measurement method internationally approved

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Campden BRI’s method “Use of C-Cell to Measure Cell Structure of Baked Goods” has been accepted as an Approved Method by AACC International (AACCI), the leader in grain-based analytical methods for the food industry since 1922. The method will help bakers to objectively assess quality.

Crumb structure characteristics of bread and other baked products are traditionally measured subjectively, but this new AACCI Approved Method uses the C-Cell digital imaging system to objectively characterise internal crumb structure characteristics. This could be used, for example, by bakers to measure their products against set specifications.

Previously the method was only available to Campden BRI members, but it is now also available via subscription from AACCI as Approved Method 10-18.01.

The method was validated by a collaborative study conducted by Campden BRI’s CCAT (Cereals and Cereals Application Testing) working group, with help from eight UK laboratories. The laboratories used their own instruments to collect and validate the C-Cell data for six parameters that are most applicable to baked product characteristics.

Clothilde Baker, Ingredients and Primary Product Characterisation Manager, said, “We are pleased that this method is now an approved AACCI method available to all via the AACCI Approved Methods of Analysis, 11th Edition. We would like to thank all the members of the CCAT working group for allowing AACCI to publish this method. We would also like to thank all the companies that participated in the validation of this method: AB Mauri UK and Ireland Ltd, Allied Technical Centre Ltd, Calibre Control International Ltd, GB Plange UK Ltd, University of Manchester and Warburtons Ltd.”

C-Cell method

C-Cell produces over 50 measurements per analysis, these are broken down into the following sub-groups to determine product quality in bread.

  • Colour
  • Dimensions
  • Shape
  • Cell Size
  • Elongation
  • Inclusions
  • External features
  • Bread score

Many bakeries select 5-8 results that best differentiates their product quality.


L*a*b* Colour results are available with C-Cell Colour. Data such as average crumb colour, external crust colour and brightness of the crumb are available. The ‘crust unwrap tool’ is featured here which also enables the crust thickness to be measured.

Multiple measurements are recorded for each slice including slice area, height, width and packaging dimensions such as a wrapper length.


Visual appearance is quantified with shape measurements, such as the Concavity (top, bottom and side), Oven Spring (position, height, depth) and top shoulder and bottom roundness.

Bread score
As bakers produce different types of product at C-Cell we have developed a scoring system to combine results into one specific score which relates to the sensory assessment of the particular bakery product. Bakeries use this to monitor changes in batch production and identify variability on a daily basis.

Cell SizeIndividual cell analysis provides detailed information regarding number, size and distribution of cells throughout the crumb structure. Holes, Wall Thickness and Cell Areas & Volumes are quantified.
ElongationMoulding performance can be monitored through crumb cell elongation measurements. C-Cell gives a visual circulation map showing the axis of elongation and level of curvature of the internal crumb structure in addition to a specific degree of circulation result.