ISM 2018: Sweets and snacks trends

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Suppliers from all over the world are exhibiting at ISM, the world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks, again this year. Almost 1,660 exhibitors from 73 countries are bringing along numerous new products and ideas and they intend to impress the experts at ISM with them.

As always, there will be delicious chocolate and beautiful filled chocolates at ISM. For example a Spanish company has created semi-spheres made of chocolate, the surface of which break open to reveal small sweets in the shape of shattered Mediterranean tiles. Chocolate containing algae is a further novelty. Another manufacturer uses rice milk for its bars of chocolate and chocolate sticks. Deep red and yellow shades are created by adding raspberries or mangos to bars of chocolate which also taste fruity.

The trade visitors can also try out “making jelly babies themselves” or a “crafting set” for the cookie/marshmallow/chocolate sandwich at the trade fair. Baking mixtures with all the trappings provide tins, fondant and the decorations in one. Because the “do-it-yourself” trend has long since taken the baking world by storm. This is why the selection of decorations made from fondant, marzipan and sugar products is large, colourful and diversified. These are also available in vegetarian versions. Those who enjoy mixing and building can form a sugar mixture into small towers and castles. Of course, the building can be eaten afterward, because then it turns into chewing-gum.

The next Halloween season is round the corner when it will be time for a skull filled with sweets. Or liquorice in the shape of Dracula grimaces, optionally sweet or sour.

One can eat money when it is made out of edible paper. And there are also fruit gum bottles of Cola without sugar.

Sugar-reduced is an important keyword in the world of sweets and snacks. For example, alongside different sugar-reduced chocolate, bakery, sweet and chewing-gum products there are also roasted almonds without sugar that are sweetened with a sugar substitute instead.

Protein – a general trend in the food industry – is frequently found in biscuits, chocolate or snack products. In this way, bars are often made out of ingredients with a high protein content, frequently combined with fruit or vegetables. Here chickpeas are also implemented as a savoury snack and freeze-dried fruits are also offered for snacking together with again and again nuts and seeds.

There are versions for all consumer wishes and needs: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, fat-free.

Exotic spices and ingredients are often used. For example in a sandwich spread with Matcha tea. Coconut is a frequently used taste enhancer, i.e. in small cakes, delicious “cherry pie”-flavoured biscuits refined with coconut, in popcorn, chocolate and filled chocolate creations and in a coconut dip for wheat or rice waffles.

Combinations like pineapple and curry (in crisps), vinegar and carrot (also in crisps), lemon and chilli (tomato crisps), crisps that taste like fried eggs or raspberry with pepper are further highlights. Especially long Masala-flavoured crisps (22cm) remind one of Indian spices. The bread crisps with a taste of mild curry also join the ranks here. People, who like cheese, can look forward to biscuits containing Gouda and cumin. In organic quality incidentally.

The visitor will frequently come across the theme organic at ISM, not only among the ingredients, but also in terms of the packing. One manufacturer of crisps has had an organic bag made for its products and is presenting it at the fair.

Sustainability is an ongoing trend for cocoa, but also for other ingredients.

ISM is exclusively open to trade visitors.

Parallel to ISM: ProSweets Cologne – the international supplier fair for the sweets and snacks industry. Over 300 companies from the sections manufacturing, packing and ingredients are once again expected in Cologne from 28 to 31 January 2018.

Source: ISM