GRINDSTED FREEDOM solves clean label challenges says DuPont

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“Clean”, says DuPont Nutrition & Health, is the simple, five-letter word driving today’s product labels and ingredient lists. More health-conscious consumers want cleaner, shorter labels with words they can pronounce and practical ingredients, the company believes, noting that what they want sounds simple enough, but for food manufacturers, it’s often complicated. What “clean” means in the marketplace hasn’t been clearly defined, DuPont says – and if a company offers a range of products, the potential solution for cleaner labels varies by product. So, the company asks, how do food producers work to meet the demand for cleaner labels when there is no one-size-fits-all-strategy?

The answer, DuPont says, is to find a partner offering a range of product blends that can provide a solution that meets the demand for clean label. DuPont Nutrition & Health’s GRINDSTED FREEDOM blends can, says the company, solve the challenges created by cleaner label strategies.

The combination of DuPont Danisco’s product portfolio and bakery experience gives customers access to a breadth of ingredients, from enzymes and emulsifiers, hydrocolloids and more, the company claims, all with the ease and comfort of partnering with one supplier and one solution.With GRINDSTED FREEDOM, food suppliers have the freedom to create their own optimized blend developed from the broadest range of potential formulations, DuPont claims.
DuPont Nutrition & Health’s products will, it says, provide customers with new and original product solutions, not repurposed ingredients that are simply deemed “clean label”: DuPont Danisco solutions will deliver a lasting answer to customers’ challenges.“Once our customers share with us their challenges, cost expectations and ingredients acceptable for their clean label definition, we can begin working on a solution that meets their specific needs,” said Linda Dunning, regional product manager – System and Texturants.
“A major benefit of DuPont Danisco GRINDSTED FREEDOM blends is the ability to optimize functionality by utilizing our extensive ingredient range of both internally and externally manufactured ingredients.”While creating cleaner label strategies, DuPont Nutrition & Health says it can help customers map each of the brands in their portfolios as well as elevate and communicate the impact of various trade-offs when moving from using legacy ingredients toward cleaner formulations.