DuPont Enzyme Launch and Business Opportunities in Japanese Bakery

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DuPont announced the launch of a new range of bakery enzyme products at the MOBAC 2017 trade fair in Osaka, Japan, February 22-25. The new enzymes provide a cost-effective solution, while boosting indulgence appeal in cakes and keeping the softness and resilience of fresh-baked bread longer, the company announced.

In order to learn more about the demand in the Japanese bakery sector, we spoke with Nobuaki Tsukagoshi, sales director, SAFI Japan, DuPont Nutrition & Health.

The sales of premium quality baked goods will drive the market in Japan, a mature market which is expected to see a slow but steady growth from now till 2019.

The global market for bakery products is growing, largely driven by the surging popularity of healthy, natural, premium baked goods, and the rising consumption of bread. Asia Pacific represents the fastest growing market, the DuPont representative explains.

“Through the MOBAC show, we hope to develop a better understanding of our customer needs so that we can collaborate to develop innovative local solutions and help them differentiate their products in the marketplace,” Tsukagoshi adds.

“MOBAC provides a sustainable communication channel to our industry partners, to showcase our creative ideas and to demonstrate our innovations, local solutions and strong application support. Introducing our DuPont Danisco POWERFresh and POWERSoft range of bakery enzymes in anticipation of the regulatory approval is one such example,” according to the sales director.

He added that DuPont will focus on bringing the bakery application expertise, extensive market knowledge, deep consumer insights and science-driven solutions to help customers address short- and long-term industry trends.

Segmentation of the Japanese Market

Tsukagoshi considers the bakery market in Japan is largely segmented by biscuits and baked goods (breads, cakes, and pastries). The baked food category accounts for a majority share of the market. According to market research, the rising popularity of premium bakery products among the elderly has resulted in the growth of the segment. The biscuits segment is expected to witness growth, although at a slower rate.

“Due to changing lifestyles and increased living standards, the eating habits of the Japanese consumers have changed to a growing fondness for ready-to-eat food items, creating a demand for bakery products with enhanced shelf life and freshness. The demand for premium quality goods in the Japanese market is on the rise,” he says.

Consumers are label readers and they’re more aware than ever of ingredients contained in products and seeking cleaner labels. Today’s consumers want products made with natural ingredients that combine a clean label and good flavor, setting the trend for products with clean labels, according to the sales director of DuPont.

Based on G4-amylases, the POWERSoft Cake Enzyme has a significantly more potent effect than traditional anti-staling enzymes, says DuPont. Cakes made with this enzyme range are more moist, softer and less crumbly from the moment they leave the oven, elevating the overall texture and mouthfeel and giving a perception of enhanced freshness. “Developed for bakers by bakers, POWERFresh range uses the proprietary G4 amylase technology that makes it possible to improve the softness throughout the shelf life than with any other enzyme solution and still maintain superb eating quality,” the specialist concludes.

Source: World Bakers