Stevia flavour masker ‘enhances taste of fruit’, Ohly claims

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Ingredients company Ohly has launched a ‘powerful’ natural solution for masking the bitterness of stevia.

Sav-R-Sweet will allow manufacturers to pursue reductions in sugar by using the natural sweetener stevia, but at the same time eliminates undesirable off-tastes to make sugar-reduced food and beverages palatable to consumers.

The ingredient blocks the metallic, bitter and off flavours of stevia, is natural and clean label, has a neutral taste without any yeasty notes, and even enhances fruity flavours. This makes it ideal for fruit preparations, fruit yogurts and fruit-based drinks.

In addition, Sav-R-Sweet remains stable under process conditions and boasts a low cost of use, Ohly said.

Ohly global sales director Rainer Huettermann said: “We tackled the flavour challenges of stevia sweeteners head on with a partner product that will effectively mask bitterness and boost fruitiness. It means introducing Sav-R-Sweet facilitates higher levels of sugar reduction and actually improves flavour.”

Stevia is a zero-calorie natural sweetener from the leaves of the stevia plant, which draws a sweet taste more powerful than sugar from sterol glycosides.

Ohly claimed that test results showed a significant improvement in taste experience with different fruit drinks prepared with Sav-R-Sweet compared with a stevia-only control drink.