The Role of Acacia Gum in the Food Industry

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Acacia Gum, a natural, multipurpose additive, is meeting consumer’s expectations towards natural and sustainable food products.

Various food crises have influenced public opinion around the world in recent years, and created acute awareness among consumers. Consumers are increasingly attentive to their diet, the quality of food products and the effect of what they eat on their health. Several studies show that consumer fears trigger food trends, like for example the increase in vegetarian diets, the search for naturalness and organic food, or the reject of GMOs and artificial flavorings… The importance of product quality and a healthy diet is reflected in consumer choices.

As consumers become more worried, they are also better informing and expressing themselves today, using the technological tools of our time to send alerts and build alliances. Shoppers take their role very seriously and wish to be heard. Their behaviors are constantly shaping marketing messages, and giant companies in the food industry are following the trends and reformulating their products to meet consumers’ expectations.

Among consumers’ concerns, the additives are often stigmatized, and the term “additives” can arouse fears. The consumption trend is moving toward the desire to minimize products with too many additives, and limit products that are unhealthy if consumed in excess or harmful to the environment.

Yet it is important to distinguish between additives, based on their source and their impact on health. Some additives are completely natural, absolutely safe for the body and eco-friendly. Such is the case for Acacia Gum, a completely safe additive that has many functional properties.

Also known as E414, Acacia gum is a natural exudation extracted after an incision is made in an acacia tree, making its harvest completely natural and sustainable. Acacia Gum has been used by men for millennia, and is today found in small doses in a large number of everyday products, including wines, candies, cosmetics, soft drinks, flavorings. It can be used as a coating agent for confectioneries, an emulsifier and stabilizing agent in drinks, or a fiber in dietetic products. Gum Acacia’s status of dietary fiber means it also has valuable properties, like an excellent digestive tolerance, and scientifically proven prebiotic effects.

A natural, multipurpose additive, Gum Acacia meets consumers’ expectations towards natural and sustainable food products.

Source: Asia Food Journal