A new sugar replacer wants to revolutionize breakfast and bakery

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A new sugar displacement product from British owned clean label ingredient specialist Ulrick & Short, named Elemis, enables manufacturers to reduce sugar by up to 30 percent in cereals, snack bars, cakes and muffins – amongst other products – with no effect on product quality.

Replacing sweetness is relatively straightforward with the use of artificial sweeteners and natural sugar substitutes, but replicating the functionality of sugar has always been more challenging.

Consumers are without doubt looking for reduced sugar options in their staple meals, and breakfast cereals have taken a PR battering recently for generally high sugar content, even in lines purporting to be ‘healthy’. Volume sales for the top cereal brands are up by 1.6 percent over the past year but value is down 3.4 percent – meaning that the products have only retained their sales by cutting prices or offering promotions on a regular basis.1

One of the few exceptions to this trend is one of the leading household name ‘diet’ cereals which was responsible for its parent brand’s biggest RTE (ready to eat) loss during 2014/15. The line has since been overhauled, including the addition of a new reduced-sugar product fortified with vitamins and minerals – and already that product’s value sales are up.

The bakery market in the UK alone is predicted to grow by nine percent by 20202. Given the choice, consumers will select products perceived to be lower in sugar as long as they can be confident that the eating experience will be unaffected. That’s where Elemis comes in.

Ulrick & Short Director Adrian Short explained: “Not too long ago it was fat that was seen as the healthy eater’s nemesis, now it’s the turn of sugar. Here at Ulrick & Short we have always tried to stay ahead of the trends, developing replacement clean label ingredients that manufacturers can be confident will exactly replicate the intended taste and functionality within their products.

“Breakfast on the go is booming, up 13 percent over the last year, and bakery manufacturers are always looking for the latest development that will give them the edge in a crowded marketplace. Elemis is the perfect solution for any number of cereal or bakery based products, from snack bars to buns – and even those with fillings. We’re predicting big changes in these sectors and we’re confident our ingredients will play a key part in the revolution.”

Source: World Bakers