Bosch Packaging Technology to acquire Kliklok-Woodman

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Bosch Packaging Technology has revealed plans to acquire US-based Kliklok-Woodman, a manufacturer of packaging machinery for the food and beverage industry.

The planned acquisition is the latest in a series of deliberate steps from Bosch to expand its process and packaging technology portfolio, and Kliklok-Woodman would support the company’s growth strategy in North America, Europe and other regions, Bosch claimed.

In particular, Kliklok-Woodman’s range of secondary packaging machinery will complement Bosch’s portfolio for the food and confectionery industry.

“Kliklok-Woodman will help boost Bosch’s presence in this market, and the acquisition is an important step on the road to fulfilling our PA 2020 growth strategy,” said Bosch Packaging Technology president Friedbert Klefenz.

The expansion of market share – particularly in growth regions – the development of new business fields, and the enlargement of the portfolio to enter new segments of the food industry are central to this strategy, Bosch said.

Klefenz continued: “This planned acquisition will further extend Bosch Packaging Technology’s position in the food and confectionery industry. Above all, it will enhance our system capabilities as [a] single-source supplier.

And Kliklok-Woodman CEO Bill Crist added: “This is great news for our customers, especially those with growing global operations, those who value single source systems responsibility, and those who desire variety in their flexible packaging formats. We are proud of this strategic change, which has the potential to provide our successful, international associate team with further opportunities and aligns with the core values and reputation we have built over 60 years.”