iba 2015 interview – Norbert Kijak: The snack of 2024 should be ordered and paid using an app

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Norbert Kijak, the Marketing Director of the Snack Akademie, answered few questions about the Snack Action Area, on iba website.

What inspiration do iba visitors take home to their own businesses after a visit to the Snack Action Area?

Norbert Kijak: Trade visitors can experience the potential found in well-developed snack concepts and find the right approach for their business with the fewest obstacles. Every visitor will find out who they can turn to and what steps they can take in order to sustenable boost their snack business.

The most popular snack category for out-of-house consumption is sandwiches. There are many more possibilities, too. How much do bakers need to catch up and what do they need to take into account when expanding and improving their snack businesses?

Kijak: Bakers have fallen behind when it comes to warm snacks made with dough. This is really one of their core competencies. There is great potential for improvement of this core competency. Another promising area is in so-called “impulse products” such as wraps. Here, there are attractive possibilities to expand product variety.

What role does shop design play in relation to snacks?
Kijak: Shop designs should accommodate for changing demands and offers over the course of a day. There are two large opportunities that should be considered in shop design concepts: secondary placement of “grab & go” products near the shop door and differentiation from competitors.

“Front Cooking” is not uncommon anymore. What about “Front Snacking”, where the customer can watch as an individual snack is put together?

Kijak: Approximately half of snack purchases are so-called impulse buys. This means that appearance and product pressure, i.e. the number of products per shelf meter, are deciding factors. If a customizable snack procedure consists of 20 to 30 ingredients, there will no longer be an impulse to buy the product, as one has had to make so many decisions in the meantime.
On the other hand, preparing snacks fresh and tailored to your order can be a successful concept. Both approaches have potential for success and are applied successfully in the market.

What do you think the snack of 2024 will look like?
Kijak: Irrespective of it being vegetarian, containing meat or vegan, the ingredients should be of prime quality. It should be tasty and most commonly ordered and paid using an app. There will be specialists whose core competencies will lie in this field. And who knows, maybe spreads and fillings will come out of a printer!

The Snack Action Area at iba 2015
In the Snack Action Area (B3.350), the Snack Akademie will be displaying the full spectrum and potential of the snack industry over an area of 200 sqm. Here, you will find everything about the correct storage of raw ingredients, production, presentation as well as packaging and sale.

There is a lot being offered for anyone who wants to advance their snack business:
• Live performances
• Workshops
• Advice and information from snack experts
• Large selection of snack creations
• Presentation of new ideas, recipes and products

Source: World Bakers