Sharing clean label expertise

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Clean label is no longer the preserve of ‘healthy’ foods, according to Ingredion, which has launched an eBook to help food manufacturers get the most out of emerging clean label opportunities.

With 70 per cent of European consumers ‘usually’ or ‘always’ reading front of pack claims and 60 per cent considering ingredient lists and claims on the back of products when making purchasing decisions, formulating products with simple labels using recognisable ingredients is a commercial necessity.

Ingredion claims that clean label has moved beyond foods traditionally associated with a ‘natural’, organic or additive-free claim. Consumers expect simple and short ingredient lists in a growing range of food and beverages, resulting in food manufacturers looking for clean label solutions in even the most highly processed and challenging production conditions such as ready meals and snacks, or dairy desserts and yogurts.

When it comes to reformulating to produce clean label foods and beverages, producers need to ensure the same taste, quality and visual appeal even through the most challenging manufacturing processes. Drawing on its 20-year track record of innovating and working with functional native starches, Ingredion has produced an eBook to share its expertise on how to create successful clean label food products and stories.

Mona Rademacher, European marketing manager at Ingredion, explains: “We know from our research that 76 per cent of European consumers say a short, simple ingredient list is important when choosing food products. But clean label is no longer the preserve of healthy foods, consumers are looking for recognisable, kitchen-cupboard style ingredients across their whole basket of goods, not just those traditionally perceived as healthy eating.”

“Innovations in starch functionality play a key role here. By adding in functionality to mimic different additives more closely without the impact of a negative label, manufacturers are able to meet the demand for clean label. Using technology unique to Ingredion, we are able to debunk the myth that clean label and high process tolerance are not compatible. For example, Ingredion’s Novation Endura 0100 starch can withstand the harsh production process conditions of applications such as dairy desserts, fruit preparation and custards. Moreover we can help customers replace costly ingredients such as fats and proteins with starches from our clean label range.”

The ‘Secret Ingredients’ eBook delivers practical insight to help manufacturers and the food services sector meet clean label reformulation and new product development challenges, and explains the latest applications of functional native starches. Key considerations such as extending shelf-life and withstanding multiple freeze/thaw cycles are discussed, as well as: how to make confident, compelling and compliant clean label claims with genuine consumer appeal; separating trends from fads: the role of consumer insights in developing on-trend products; innovations in starch functionality: fat and protein replacement; instant viscosity with high freeze-thaw stability; ensuring manufacturing-ready prototypes.