Kids love sweets

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Children and teenagers continue to represent a significant target audience for the global confectionery industry, according to a new report entitled Children’s Food & Drinks – Global Trends & Opportunities, from Leatherhead Food Research.

Although demand for most types of confectionery remains strong among younger audiences, some of the more popular children’s varieties include confectionery with novel shapes, ‘interactive’ confectionery and certain seasonal novelties. Many confectionery manufacturers have been reformulating their products to improve their nutritional image – typically, this has involved removing artificial additives, as well as lowering sugar levels and increasing fruit content.

The global market for confectionery aimed at children was worth an estimated US$32.7bn in 2014, up by more than 18 per cent from US$27.7bn in 2010. The sugar confectionery sector accounted for almost 57 per cent of overall sales within the last year, with chocolate making up the remainder. The children’s sector accounts for 17.2 per cent of global confectionery sales, although this rises to almost one-third (31%) for sugar confectionery.

With sales worth US$6.52bn, the US has the world’s largest market for children’s confectionery products. Other sizeable markets include Western European countries such as the UK (US$2.25bn), Germany (US$1.85bn) and France (US$1.59bn). The French market is unusual in that the chocolate sector is larger than its sugar confectionery counterpart, accounting for over 55 per cent of total sales in 2014.