Canada proposes new nutrition labels and tools

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The Canadian government has proposed new nutrition labels and tools to promote healthier food choices in the country.

The proposal calls for changes that will enable consumers to easily read labels and the Nutrition Facts table.

The proposed changes include mandating consistent serving sizes that will make it easier to compare nutrient contents of similar foods.

The government is also proposing changes to labeling sugars in food.

The proposed changes would include addition of a percentage daily value for sugar, amount of sugar in a product and the source of sugar to the labels.

Canada Minister of Health Rona Ambrose said: “Our Government is breaking new ground with our proposal on the labelling of sugars on foods sold in Canada.

“Nowhere else in the world will consumers have the kind of information Canadians will have about the sugars contained in the foods they eat. This information will help them understand how much sugar is in a product, whether it’s a little or a lot of sugar, and where the sugar comes from.”

The proposal also requires manufacturers to list all food colouring agents by their common name within the ingredient list on the label. It is hoped that this will allow consumers sensitive to specific food colours to avoid those ingredients when shopping for food.

Additionally, a new health claim will be allowed on pre-packaged fruits and vegetables to tell Canadians about the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.

Besides, a host of tools will also help consumers in making informed choices such as The Eat Well Plate that will help in visualization of food proportions, and mobile app of My Food Guide that will help access to healthy eating information anytime, anywhere.