Tetra Pak ramps up ice cream sticks production with new extrusion line

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Swedish food packaging and processing company Tetra Pak has launched a new extrusion line for the production of ice cream sticks and sandwiches.

The new line is capable of producing close to 43,200 pieces per hour at lowest operational costs and environmental impact, the company claims.

With this investment, the company’s production capacity increased by 60% with only 44% more energy.

The freezer and high-precision cutting equipment allows the line to produce uniform product, while identical thickness is made possible by controlling temperature at every stage.


By using the newly developed dip and transfer unit, the line will send the carefully dipped products to the wrapper, thus reducing product waste.

Tetra Pak Ice Cream Category director Peter Lindstrom said: “For 70 years we’ve been helping our customers deliver quality ice cream products with outstanding taste and texture.

“This new solution allows them to increase production volumes, while delivering the same high quality at a significantly reduced cost per product.”

In addition to switching between ice cream sticks and sandwiches, the line handles up to 4 flavours and 12 different coatings without changing equipment.

Source: food-business-review.com