Limited edition M&M’s

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In a bid to win over the UK public, Ms Brown has announced that the M&M’s brand is launching a limited edition USA colour mix available from 18 May. Limited edition pouches, treatbags and sharing bags will offer consumers the chance to win trips to New York, Orlando or Las Vegas and to visit M&M’s World for an exclusive VIP introduction to Ms Brown herself.

The campaign is set to be hugely popular with the UK public. Over the last five years, the M&M’s brand has contributed more to bitesize growth than any other brand and the new, limited edition M&M’s packs are anticipated to continue to build on the success of the M&M’s Election campaign.

Mars will be supporting the launch of Ms Brown limited edition packs with a number of point of sale units available to retailers, such as prefilled units, dumpbins, counter top units (CTUs) and Wobblers. The launch will be supported with a TV ad featuring Ms Brown, which will be on air for 26 weeks, making M&M’s an unmissable brand in 2015.

Bep Dhaliwal, trade communications manager Mars Chocolate UK: “Building on the success of our Character Election campaign, we’ve launched limited edition Ms Brown M&M’s to keep the public excited about the new character. We know that M&M’s limited editions perform well, as last year we saw an uplift in sales of our Brazil M&M’s packs. We recommend retailers stock up early and use the branded POS available.”

Source: Sweets and snacks europe