Barry Callebaut showcases reformulation solutions: I Feel Good!

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Barry_Callebaut-logoIn times when new flavors, new trends and new health requirements sway the market, Barry Callebaut is stepping to the plate with its reformulation solutions. Marijke De Brouwer, Innovation manager for Barry Callebaut, shared her insights and expertise on reformulation at today’s Kennedy’s Confection World Chocolate Forum in London. Barry Callebaut has been continuously reformulating chocolate that everybody can enjoy in a responsible way since 1990 – without compromising on good taste. Because of this, the company ensures the production of chocolate that fits into a healthy lifestyle and that everyone can enjoy at every moment of the day.

“By having introduced different variations to the classic formula of chocolate step by step since the ‘90s, Barry Callebaut can present itself today as the market leader in innovation,” Marijke De Brouwer states. “We are leading the way towards chocolate reformulation solutions that fit into the everyday life of every consumer.”

Four chocolate choices: rational, parental, recommended and emotional

“Barry Callebaut is not only answering to new health concerns but also to new customer trends,” Peter Boone, Chief Innovation & Quality Officer of the Barry Callebaut Group says. “We have grouped the reformulation options into four choices: the rational, parental, recommended and emotional choice. The rational choice is one for a balanced chocolate, the parental choice is inspired by the wish to pay special care to what our children are eating, the recommended choice is the result of health consciousness and the emotional one is about the choice for classic chocolate.  By presenting specific solutions for every option, we show that Barry Callebaut is offering chocolate for everyone, at every moment of the day.”

Gradual, partial and full replacement of sugar

“As a leading global chocolate manufacturer, we believe it’s our responsibility to set the example. We provide our partners and customers with the options of having the sugar in their chocolate products gradually, partially or fully replaced. We have been doing this and will continue to do so, in a co-creative way, together with them,” Peter Boone concludes.

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