Lallemand Launches Aromatic Yeast for Baked Goods

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With limited fermentation activity, Lallemand’s Florapan yeast is perfect for pizza dough and bakery products with unique flavor profiles.

Bakers that want to stand out from the crowd and offer more savory products now have new options: Lallemand Baking Solutions has launched a range of natural aromatic Florapan yeast. Carefully selected from Lallemand’s best brewers and oenological yeast strains, Florapan yeasts produce a generous bouquet of fruit and floral aromas. With limited fermentation activity, they are perfect for pizza dough and bakery products with unique flavor profiles.

Bread and bakery products are an essential part of the Europeans diet. Nevertheless, a large proportion of consumers (43% in Spain, 40% in Italy, 35% in France, 32% in Germany and 28% in England) would like a wider range of flavors in BVP products (Mintel, 2012).

Always ahead of the curve, Lallemand has developed a new range of aromatic yeasts, the Florapan products. These strains of yeast produce aromatic compounds such as ethyl hexanoate (apple, banana), ethyl octanoate (pineapple, pear) and ethyl decanoate (hazelnut, floral) which are also found in wine. The odor detection thresholds of ethyl hexanoate, ethyl octanoate and ethyl decanoate are respectively, 0.001, 0.01 and 0.51 mg/kg. According to our analysis, significant amounts of these esters are present in sourdoughs fermented for 24 hours with Florapan aromatic yeasts:

  • Florapan A16, producing 166 mg/kg of ethyl hexanoate, 94 mg/kg of ethyl octanoate and 64 mg/kg of ethyl decanoate. Its slow fermentation capability, especially at low temperatures, makes it ideal for refrigerated pizza dough.
  • Florapan A17, producing 152 mg/kg of ethyl hexanoate, 120 mg/kg of ethyl octanoate, and 83 mg/kg of ethyl decanoate, provides fruity aromas particularly valuable in sourdough.
  • Florapan A18, producing 83 mg/kg of ethyl hexanoate, 37 mg/kg of ethyl octanoate, and 41 mg /kg of ethyl decanoate, provides exotic and buttery flavors that can support the unique flavor profile of certain bakery products.

To guarantee the aromatic contribution of Florapan aromatic yeasts in the final product, after baking, they should be used in the preferment or with an extended proof time. In pizza dough, they can be used for both their leavening and flavoring properties. They can also be used in the production of sourdough bread as their addition to the sourdough increases the development of aroma without adding bakers yeast to the final dough.