UK: market for bread and bakery products grew by 3,4%

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bread-imageAccording to «Bread + Bakery Products», a new Market Update from market intelligence provider , retail sales of bread and bakery products in the UK increased in value by 3,4 percent in 2013. This growth is impressive considering the long-term decline of bread consumption in the UK.

Volume sales of traditional loaves are declining at a faster rate than the number of alternative breads sales are increasing; bread is gradually becoming a less integral component of many Britons´ everyday diets amid the diversification of consumer interests in this market. New product developments (NPDs) in competing wheat-based markets such as breakfast cereals and biscuits, as well as the popularity of low-carbohydrate diets, are contributing to the decline in sales of sliced loaves, whether white, brown or wholemeal. Consumers are instead choosing to consume breads from the culturally-diverse speciality breads sector, although they are doing so on a less regular basis, with many consumers opting to do so at dinner, when such products are occasionally used to make the meal more special. Nevertheless, total market value still increased in 2013, due to the ongoing effects of inflation on retail prices, as well as the higher expense of specialty breads.

The rapidly-growing demand for both gluten-free breads and home-made sandwiches also contributed to value growth in 2013, despite falling volume sales. The perception that gluten is unhealthy, difficult to digest and calorific, is fuelling sales of gluten-free bread among the increasing number of consumers who are prioritising weight loss. Home-made sandwiches, on the other hand, are an increasingly popular lunch-time solution because they save time and money. High demand for packed lunch products, among both adults and children, has been boosted by NPDs; combination rolls, wraps and flatbreads are now available, while recent innovations are also focusing on the already-popular bagels category.

Overall, although bread consumption continues to decline, based on the diversification of consumer interests in this market, the very nature of this trend is creating new avenues for growth in other sectors. Key Note therefore forecasts growth of 10,9 percent between 2014 and 2018 within the bread and bakery products market.

Source: bakenet:eu