New biscuit packaging line

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bosch packaging technologyBosch Packaging Technology is launching a new biscuit packaging line, capable of fast slug to pile changeovers. The line was designed for maximum flexibility and features the fast product count changes.

The system is capable of producing multiple packaging variations, from smaller on-the-go packages to larger family packs. From distribution through primary to secondary packaging, the line is designed as a single Seamless System for maximized overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

“With consumer needs constantly changing, biscuit manufacturers need a single packaging system designed for high flexibility from primary through end-of-line packaging,” said Daniel Bossel, product manager at Bosch. “As the first complete system capable of producing slug and pile packs on the same line, it is truly two-in-one and allows manufacturers to meet current and future market needs. It’s a best-in-class packaging solution that will take manufacturers to the peak of productivity.”

The biscuit line helps protect product integrity using a double infeed system which balances product flow and facilitates gentle guiding to the high speed flow wrapper featuring new amplified heat seal technology. This sealing process runs at film speeds up to 80 meters per minute for slug and pile packs. Additional flow wrapper options like Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), as well as the No Gap/No Seal (NG/NS) function and gusset folding are also available.

Source: Confectionery Production