Meeting retailers’ needs

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ferrero-rocherDHL Supply Chain has been helping Ferrero UK to meet the high demand of retailers across the UK this Christmas by packing and distributing millions of chocolate products across the country.

In the run up to Christmas, over 170 million individual Ferrero Rochers have so far passed through DHL’s 140,000 sq ft warehouse in Northamptonshire. In addition, 26,000 display stands have been filled and distributed to retailers using environmentally friendly transportation, including dual fuel vehicles and rail transportation.

DHL has also boxed 180,000 seasonal Kinder Chocolate fluffy toy reindeer and penguins, bagged 2.6 million Kinder Chocolate Minis and expects to distribute over 9.3 million boxes of Ferrero Rochers – equivalent to more than one pack for every person who lives in London.

Preparations for Ferrero’s busiest time of year started in August with over 200 people now working on distributing Ferrero Products.

A Ferrero spokesperson says: “This is an extremely important and busy time of year for the business and it is hugely beneficial to have a supply chain solution under one roof that covers all aspects of packaging design, product packaging, warehousing and onward distribution. Our longstanding partnership with DHL not only means that millions of our products arrive on retailer shelves in time for Christmas, but that the operation is carried out efficiently and in line with our sustainability commitments.”

David McDonald, VP of operations, consumer and life sciences at DHL Supply Chain adds: “As one of the busiest times of the year, keeping up with demand is vital for confectioners and retailers alike. Our innovative warehouse facilities and forward planning lie at the heart of our relationship with Ferrero, and will ensure that millions of chocolate lovers can enjoy Ferrero’s signature products this Christmas.”

Source: Sweets and Snacks Europe